“Wildflower Wildfire” by Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey’s “Wildflower Wildfire” is very poetic in its approach. And the two titular words actually point to two different ideas.

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What the “Wildflower” Means

The “wildflower”, most pointedly, refers to the resiliency of the vocalist. Or an alternative way of looking at this symbol is that she has come from a hard, experienced upbringing. Indeed “like a wildflower”, she “lives(s) on sheer willpower”. Moreover this tenacity, if you will, seemingly manifests itself in a heightened degree of self-control.

What the “Wildfire” Means

And that then brings us to what the “wildfire” part of the title means. What the singer is doing in that regard is pledging to what appears to be a romantic interest she will not misbehave or let’s say do anything to mess up their relationship. And she is apparently making this claim in acknowledgment of the fact that other past girlfriends may have done him dirty in the past.

“Wildflower Wildfire”

And there is arguably a lot more going on therein taking into consideration all of the colorful metaphors being used throughout Wildflower Wildfire. But at the end of the day, the above explanation appears to be the gist of what the vocalist is putting forth. 

That is to say that she is selling herself as a lover to the addressee. And on one hand she is pledging her rugged loyalty, which is her “wildflower” attribute. And simultaneously, she is also promising not to leave him ‘burned’ like a “wildfire”. Instead, her only goal as far as this romance is concerned is simply to do her best to make him happy.

"Wildflower Wildfire" Lyrics

Via this song, Lana Del Rey goes out of her metaphorical way to let her partner know that she is ready and willing to make him happy.

Writing Credits

“Wildflower Wildfire” is a song that was co-written by Lana Del Rey, who worked alongside Sage Skolfield, Sean Solymar and Mike Dean in that regard. And Mike Dean, who happens to be a very-successful hip-hop producer, also served such a role on this track.

Release of “Wildflower Wildfire”

Interscope Records and Polydor Records issued this song on 20 May 2021, on the exact same day that two other Del Rey originals, “Text Book” and “Blue Banisters“, also came out. 

The latter is also the title track of the album that all three are featured on. In fact these songs are co-lead singles from said album. And their issuance came as a surprise considering that Lana’s last album, “Chemtrails Over the Country Club”, came out as recently as 19 March of this same year.

Wildflower Wildfire

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is a singer from New York that has been professionally active since 2005. And the general consensus seems to be that as the years progressed her music has become better, even if sales may not necessarily reflect that reality. 

That is to say that her most-successful album to date has actually been her second, 2012’s “Born to Die”, which has sold some 7,000,000 copies. And even though none of the projects she has dropped since have reached even half that amount, they were all critical successes nonetheless. In fact out of seven studio album Lana has released leading up to “Blue Banisters” only her self-titled debut project failed to break the top 3 of the Billboard 200.

That being said, the less-than-three month interval between “Chemtrails Over the Country Club” and “Blue Banisters” marks the shortest time she ever took between projects. Prior to that, the closest Del Rey had ever dropped fresh full-lengths was 2014’s “Ultraviolence” and then 2015’s “Honeymoon”, which respectively topped the Billboard 200 and reached number 2 on the list.

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