“Winter Solstice” by Phoenix

From time to time, we come across songs where it appears that the writer(s) made little to no effort in name of making the lyrics comprehensively and generally understandable.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Phoenix's Winter Solstice at Lyrics.org.

Phoenix’s “Winter Solstice” is an example of such a song. However, in this song, there is at least some type of discernible thread permeating throughout which we can rely on to derive some type of meaning from the piece nonetheless. 

But whether or not such actually exists in “Winter Solstice” is a matter of patience and interpretation. Or rather, let’s say that actual fans of Phoenix are more likely to find some type of concrete meaning in this song than those of us who are not intimately familiar with the band.

Usually, the easiest way to begin to make sense out of these types of lyrical outings is by presuming that the addressee is a romantic interest of the vocalist. And in this case, there is wording featured therein which can theoretically be used to buttress such a theory. 

But overall, instead of us trying to make sense out of “Winter Solstice” now, the wiser thing would be to wait and see if Thomas Mars and co. actually get around to publicly revealing what the song is about themselves. 

But that said, what is arguably discernible is that the addressee is going through some type of psychological and/or emotional dilemma. And the vocalist, being a loved one, is trying his bests to alleviate.

Lyrics to Phoenix's "Winter Solstice"


Phoenix is a band from France that has been putting out albums since the turn of the century. Their most-successful project, from a commercial standpoint, has been 2009’s “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”, in that said project is apparently the only one in their catalog that has achieved certifications. 

But from a critical standpoint its follow-up, 2013’s “Bankrupt!”, stands as their most notable LP. 

“Winter Solstice”

“Winter Solstice” was launched by Phoenix on 20 October 2022. It is a single from their seventh studio album, “Alpha Zulu”.

Both song and album are products of Glassnote Records and another label known as Loyauté. Phoenix has been associated with these labels for over a decade.

It has been noted that out of all the tracks featured on “Alpha Zulu”, this is the only one that Phoenix composed and recorded from two different locations.

Industry vet Warren Fu directed the music video to this track.

With regards to the writing of the track, it was accomplished by members of Phoenix. As of the song’s release, the band consists of:

  • Christian Mazzalai
  • Laurent Brancowitz
  • Deck d’Arcy
  • Thomas Mars
Winter Solstice

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