“Keep Talking” by Rita Ora (ft. Julia Michaels)

“Keep Talking” is the title of a 2018 collaboration between two noted singers Rita Ora and Julia Michaels. In the lyrics of “Keep Talking”, the singers are basically addressing people who gossip about them.

Rita Ora brags that she can counterattack by doing some gossiping of her own, even more effectively than her competitors. She also states the confusion she is experiencing in trying to understand the ambitions of people who engage in such activities. In fact the news they spread is more fake than factual. However, despite their efforts, the pain they are trying to inflict are already experiences she and Julia have gone through in the past. As such they have decided to take the higher road. And what’s this higher road? By simply ignoring the chatter and not seeking vengeance.

Lyrics of the song "Keep Talking"


Facts about “Keep Talking”

  • Unlike Julia Michaels, Rita Ora didn’t write this song. Michaels co-wrote it with Tor Hermansen, Justin Tranter and Mikkel Eriksen.
  • The song features production the renowned Norwegian music production group Stargate.
  • “Keep Talking” was released globally through Atlantic Records UK on November 23, 2018.
  • The song is the eleventh track on the album, Phoenix. FYI: Phoenix is Ora’s second studio album.

Is this really the first time Rita Ora and Julia Michaels are working together?

No, it isn’t. However it is the first time that Michaels is being featured on a Rita Ora song. Michaels has in the past written a number of songs for Ora. Some of these tracks include 2015’s “Poison” and 2018’s “Religion”.

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