“Tonight” by Phoenix (ft. Ezra Koenig)

Phoenix’s “Tonight”, unsurprisingly, isn’t the easiest to understand. But all lyrics considered, the logical implication would be that the addressee is akin to a romantic interest of the vocalist. And underneath all of the highly-poetic lingo, what it reads like is going on here is the two of them being something like exes. 

So what the vocalist appears to be doing, basically, is inviting the addressee back into his life “tonight”, i.e. said desire appearing to be largely sexually based. Furthermore, he does imply in the chorus that it is his fault that their relationship is currently troubled.

So stepping into this piece knowing that Ezra Koenig was involved, we also knew that the lyrics would be anything but simple. But as for the actual storyline, it is one we deal with quite commonly in song. And that’s the vocalist, most simply explained, apologetically wanting his estranged lover back and hoping that she feels the same about him.

Lyrics for Phoenix's "Tonight"

Who are Phoenix?

Phoenix is a band of pop musicians from Versailles, a city found in France. 

When was “Tonight” released?

“Tonight” is one of the songs to be found on their 2022 album “Alpha Zulu”. Both song and album are products of Glassnote Records and Loyauté.

Apparently “Tonight” is the only track on the abovementioned album’s playlist that sports a featured artist. The said artist is American singer Ezra Koenig. Ezra is best known as the lead singer of another popular band, Vampire Weekend.  

This collaboration is reportedly the first time that Phoenix, an act that has been around since the late 1990s, has ever had a guest vocalist on any of their songs.

Who are the Writers and Producers of this Song?

The entire Phoenix crew is credited with producing this track. The band also co-wrote this song with Ezra Koenig.

Did Phoenix release “Tonight” as a single?

Yes. It came out as Alpha Zulu‘s third single.


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