Wishes by Beach House Lyrics Meaning – Unraveling the Ethereal Tapestry of Desire

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The roses on the lawn
Don’t know which side you’re on
In a daze, it will change

Wishes on a wheel
Wishes on a wheel

The voices in the hall
Will carry on their talking
Carry weight you can’t take

Wishes on a wheel
Is it even real?

The contact that you make
The moment when a memory aches
Who can tell?
You do it well

Wishes on a wheel
How’s it supposed to feel?

One in your life
It happens once and rarely twice
One in your life
It happens once and rarely twice

The roses on the lawn
Won’t know which side you’re on
On that hill, forever still

Wishes on a wheel
How’s it supposed to feel?

Wishes on a wheel
Wishes on a wheel

Full Lyrics

Beach House’s ‘Wishes’ is a lyrical enigma wrapped in the band’s signature dream-pop cloak, a song that captures the ephemeral essence of yearning and the intangibility of dreams. Its haunting melody clings to the faint whispers of a heart’s deepest longings, enveloped in the wispy layers of Victoria Legrand’s ethereal vocals and the otherworldly instrumentation.

At first listen, the track may simply wash over you like a wave of auditory bliss, yet deeper dives into its lyrics reveal a tapestry woven with the threads of existential reflection, lost moments, and the weight of withheld desires. Through delicate metaphors and vivid imagery, ‘Wishes’ invites us to examine the moments that define us and the prayers we cast into the void, hoping for an echo back.

The Elegy of Roses: Contemplating Transience and Division

The roses, an emblem of transient beauty, surface within the opening lines, suggesting more than just floral adornments on a lawn. They conjure questions of allegiance and decision, of navigating the fleeting maze that is life. This rich image becomes the backdrop for the song’s philosophical musings on choice and the passage of time.

Are the roses witnesses to our indecision, to the crossroads we face but fail to discern? In the gentle undulation of the melody, we can feel the dizzying alteration—’in a daze, it will change’—a reminder of life’s constant flux and the impermanent footprints we leave on either side of our path.

Voices Carrying Weight: The Burden of the Unheard

The song’s second stanza speaks of ‘voices in the hall’ carrying on a conversation that the protagonist seems simultaneously a part of and yet removed from. It’s a vivid portrayal of the intersection of external criticism and internal doubt, and the grueling effort of bearing an unseen load.

These voiceless voices, perhaps reminiscent of past critiques or internalized fears, add to the melody a somber depth. It’s an auditory reflection of our internal struggles, a challenge Beach House poses to listeners: What weight do we carry that might be laid down, and how does it shape the symphony of our days?

A Wheel of Fortunes: The Spin of Fate in ‘Wishes’

Central to ‘Wishes’ is the motif of a ‘wheel’, a cyclical symbol representing both the capricious nature of fate and the cycle of desires we accumulate. It’s as if each rotation of this imagined carousel brings forth a new wish, yet doubts linger—’Is it even real?’

The enigmatic quality of Beach House’s songwriting here plays with our perception of reality. This refrain becomes a philosophical query about the existence of destiny, or if it is just our own conjuring—a carousel of hope and illusion spinning endlessly in our minds.

Chasing Echoes: The Rarity of Life’s Quintessential Moments

The reflective proclamation, ‘One in your life / It happens once and rarely twice,’ captures the infrequency of life-altering events. It’s a line delivered like a secret whispered through the veils of normalcy, a soul-stirring reminder of the significant encounters that shape our existence.

In these words lays an acknowledgment of life’s most precious interludes—the flash of clarity or the singular encounter that defy replication. Here, Beach House crystallizes the emotional heft of those moments, punctuating the song with a heartbeat of profound recognition.

The Timelessness of Stillness: Final Wishes on the Hill

As the song nears its end, the roses reemerge—poignant bookends to a tale that has traversed an internal landscape. ‘On that hill, forever still’ speaks to the image’s evolution from a question of sides to a bastion of eternal calm, eliciting a sense of peace, finality, and perhaps acceptance.

Could the stillness on the hill signify an attainment of desires or the graceful acceptance of their unachievability? In this haunting closure, ‘Wishes’ leaves us contemplating the stoic beauty of desires held close and left unfulfilled, forever spinning on the wheel of what could be.

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