“Wrong” by Depeche Mode

This song was written by Depeche Mode member Martin Gore in order to counteract the happy-go-lucky pop music that had come to dominate the era it was released in. In other words, the band felt that such content did not accurately reflect what was going on in the outside world. “Wrong” however takes on a more-depressing tone. It is centered on a character who basically concludes that every decision he makes is the “wrong” one. In fact his personal outlook on life is so negative that he feels as if fate itself is against him.  As such the word “wrong”, whether as an adjective or noun, is used by the singer 72 times throughout the track in reference to his own life.

Facts about “Wrong”

This song was released by Mute Records on the date of 6 April 2009. Depeche Mode opted to use this track as the lead single from their album “Sounds of the Universe” due to the fact that it sounded different from their usual fare. And the band had premiered the tune a couple of months prior, on 21 February 2009, in Germany.

Wrong scored a number one in Poland and Scotland, as well as on Billboard’s Dance Club Songs chart. And overall it was a notable international hit, charting in numerous nations.

This is a song which is largely known for its cinematic and “disturbing” music video, which was put together by director Patrick Daughters. For instance, the clip itself went on to receive a Grammy nomination in 2009.

Said clip, which the Grammys classified as a “short form video”, doesn’t star the band but rather another musician named Julian Gross. However, he is not actually playing music.  Rather he takes on the role of a man who finds himself bound and gagged inside of a car that is rolling backwards. 

Depeche Mode does make a cameo in the video though. Their particular scene was filmed in New York, but the rest of the clip was shot in L.A.

“Wrong” was written by Martin L. Gore, the band member who regularly held such responsibilities for Depeche Mode. And the producer of the tune is one of their regular collaborators, Ben Hillier.

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