“Your Astronaut” by Damien Rice

The implication that the addressee of “Your Astronaut” is a romantic interest most credibly comes through via the way the title is used in the chorus. In the chorus, Damien Rice puts forth the poetic metaphor “I can be your astronaut if you want some space”. 

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That is to say that usually when we refer to giving someone “space” it is in reference to a romantic relationship, i.e. one party feeling as if maybe they are spending too much time with the other. 

With that understanding in tow, what the vocalist proceeds to do throughout the rest of this song is basically present himself as a completely-empathetic lover. In other words, he is willing to fulfill whatever role in the addressee’s life that she needs. Or put differently, he wants to mitigate any depression or stress that she may be going through.

But all things considered, it is also reasonable to speculate that maybe the addressee isn’t a romantic interest at all. Damien is from Ireland, and perhaps over in that part of the world giving a person “some space” has a different, more general connotation. 

The reason we can postulate so is because this song did end up being officially released as part of a charity album. But from whatever angle a listener interprets the nature of the relationship between the vocalist and addressee, one thing is crystal clear. And that is the fact that as expressed, Damien possesses a genuine, holistic love towards the addressee.

Damien Rice's "Your Astronaut " Lyrics

Damien Rice

Damien Rice is a singer/instrumentalist from Ireland. During the 1990s, he was down with a band known as Juniper. After the turn of the century, he started dropping together his own catalog. Two of his most-recent studio albums, 2006’s “9” and 2014’s “My Favourite Faded Fantasy” were very successful in Ireland. Actually the albums in question topped the Irish Albums Chart.

“Your Astronaut”

Damien released “Your Astronaut” the 9th of November 2022. This song was not released as part of any of Damien’s own projects. It rather serves as the lead single to an album known as “The Busk Record”. This is an effort backed by a homeless charity known as Dublin Simon Community. The album was recorded live at Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral during Christmastime of 2021. 

So according to a number of sources, this song actually dates back to 2018.

Your Astronaut

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