“5 Leaf Clover” by Luke Combs

All three studio albums that North Carolina native Luke Combs has dropped thus far – “This One’s for You” (2017), “What You See Is What You Get” (2019) and “Growin’ Up” (2022) – have reached the pinnacle of the US Top Country Albums Chart. 

Now he intends to extend that streak with “Gettin’ Old”, an LP which, as with the others, is backed by Columbia Nashville and is slated for its own release date of 24 March 2023. And a week beforehand, on March 17th, “5 Leaf Clover”, one of the songs from that project, was made public.

As of this release, it is not abundantly clear if this song is officially serving as a single or not. But to note, four leaf clovers in particular are a symbol associated with St Patrick’s Day, i.e. the premier holiday associated with Irish culture, which itself is celebrated on March 17th annually. And whereas it’s not abundantly clear if Luke himself is Irish (though he is  reportedly in part), what is known is that he has many Irish fans.


As you probably know, based on Irish lore a four-leaf clover is considered good luck. That is because, under natural circumstances, this type of plant usually has three leaves, and only about 1 in 5,000, according to Wikipedia, has four. 

That would likely explain why Luke and his buddy were recently searching out a four-leaf clover. But in the process, what they were even more surprised to discover was one with five leaves (which naturally occurs at about a 1 in 24,000 frequency). 

That discovery eventually went on to act as the foundation upon which this song was composed by Combs alongside Chase McGill and Jessi Alexander.


So yes, that five-leaf clover does act as a plot device in the lyrics. But more to the intended point, the thesis sentiment revolves around the vocalist celebrating the fact that he’s a “lucky man” in general.

Or put otherwise, Luke uses the opportunity to count his blessings. And since he is in fact a country artist, what he is most thankful for is being able to freely enjoy what some may consider the smaller things in life. That includes for example having a job ‘doing something he loves’, being granted “an angel… sent from above”, i.e. a significant other that he cherishes, possessing “a fridge full of cold beer” and a number of “good friends” to go along with it, etc. 

That is to say that the vocalist doesn’t particularly view himself as someone extraordinary who is worthy of such an edifying life, but it is such that he is enjoying nonetheless.

“Now I know I’m a lucky man, but I ain’t sure why I am
‘Cause it ain’t like anyone deserves the world in the palm of their hand
Now I hit my knees, thankful as can be
But the one thing I can’t get over
How’d a guy like me, who’d have been fine with three
Wind up with a five-leaf clover?”

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