“23 Preguntas” by Anuel AA

The title of this song (“23 Preguntas”) translates to “23 Questions”.  And it was clearly inspired by the similarly-entitled 50 Cent classic “21 Questions” (2003), a track that came out nearly two decades prior. 

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For instance, in both cases, whom the vocalist is addressing is a romantic interest. But the reason Anuel is presenting his “23 questions” is because, first of all said addressee is a specific person. And that would be one Karol G, herself being a Latin American music star. 

She and AA broke up a few months before the release of this track, after the two had been dating for over two years, even getting engaged in the process. And more specifically as far as the title goes, the two of them are said to have met on 23 August 2018. 

So if the relationship were still intact, the release date of the song, which was on 23 August 2021, would have marked their third anniversary of having met. So with all of that in mind, it’s understandable why Anuel AA may still be in his feelings.

The Lyrics of “23 Preguntas”

But concerning the lyrics themselves, they’re generally applicable in that he doesn’t seem to directly reference Karol in any sort of way. However, it is pretty clear that the vocalist is in a troubled romance with the addressee, though one that he definitely doesn’t want to end, even if happier times seem to be a thing of the past. 

So if we were to take this song as real life, then the implication would be that Karol G dumped Anuel.

But with that being noted the featured questions, of which there are theoretically 23, center on the vocalist trying to ascertain whether this love is real. But concurrently, it is also pretty obvious that from his perspective it is. 

So the conclusive query is more along the lines of ‘do you want to give this romance another chance or not?’

Lyrics for "23 Preguntas" by Anuel AA
What Anuel AA said of "23 Preguntas"

Facts about “23 Preguntas”

The producers of this track are Jug, Frabian Eli, Census, Dizzycleanface and a name that has sorta been popping up all over the place as of late, Taz Taylor. And all five of those individuals are also credited as authors of “23 Preguntas” in conjunction with Anuel AA.

This track is from Anuel’s third solo album, which is tentatively entitled “Legends Never Die”.  And the expectation, considering that he has established himself as one of the top artists in the Latin trap genre, is that this undertaking in the very least will reach number one on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart, as with all of his previous efforts, including a collaborative project with Ozuna that came out earlier in 2021 entitled “Los Dioses”.

23 Preguntas

The Split with Karol G

Whereas the lyrics made read as if Karol G broke up with Anuel AA, based on statements they both made in the aftermath of parting ways, it would appear as if the decision was one akin to an amicable split.

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