“MAMIII” by Becky G. & Karol G 

By the looks of things, even though the official title of this song is “Mamii”, it is actually an alternate spelling of “mami”.  And mami, as you may already know, is a popular Spanish-language slang which is often used to refer to an attractive, or let’s say more generally a poppin’ woman – a boss chick, if you will.  And such is how the vocalists come off on this song.

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With that established, what we’re dealing with here is the ladies addressing an ex. More to the point is that this guy(s) wants to reignite their romance, but Becky and Karol aren’t having it. Whatever it is the addressee has done in the past has achieved the goal of permanently pissing the vocalist off.  As such most of the lyrics are dedicated to, most simply put, dissing dude.

Besides that, this track also possesses what can be deemed an anthem element. And in that regard what it appears the two G artists are saying, as translated into English, is that likewise their fellow ‘mamis’ shouldn’t have to settle for a lover who mistreats, or it would appear more specifically cheats on them.

"Mamiii" Lyrics

Facts about “Mamii”

Becky G and Karol G are both female vocalists who came out around the same time, i.e. circa the early-2010s, with the former being from the US and the latter, Colombia. However to note, Becky is also of Latin American, as in Mexican, ancestry. 

This song was released on 10 February 2022 through Kemosabe Records. This is the label Becky has been down with since the early 2010s. And this is the first collaboration between her and Karol G, and they began teasing it earlier in the same month of its release.

Both Karol and Becky get songwriting credit for this piece, alongside Elena Rose and Ovy on the Drums. The latter, a musician from Colombia, is also credits as the producer of the track.

To note, the lyrics of this song are completely in Spanish.

For the record, concerning the Gs in the artists’ monikers, Becky’s last name is Gomez, and Karol’s middle name is Giraldo.


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  1. v.Annah says:

    What is the beginning part of the song where it starts out “I gave you my heart…step up your game..etc”???

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