Meaning of “Bichota” by Karol G

The slang term bichota – as utilized in places such as Puerto Rico and presumably in Karol G’s homeland of Colombia – is basically another name for a female drug baron. 

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Or more generally explained, it would be used to describe a lady who’s visibly on top of her game – “a boss b*tch”, as the vocalist puts it in the pre-chorus. Or put simpler yet again, this is a braggadocious outing. And what Karol is boasting about is her comprehensive fashion sense, the fact that she’s been successful “without leaving the hood” and most notably, it would seem, her sexual attractiveness.

We are dealing with an English translation of this song which, although done so by Genius, may leave something to be desired here or there. But what it appears the first verse centers on is Karol highlighting how she goes about hard chillin’ with her girlfriends, i.e. Juana and Mari. And in the process she seems to imply, since part of said chillin’ involves boozing, that onlookers should not proceed to document them on social media.

That latter notion is important to the song at large, because the vocalist proceeds to directly reference Instagram in the second verse. And what she seems to be getting at this time around is lambasting the likes of dudes who try to hook up with her via social media, only to later discover that they aren’t that serious.

In Conclusion

In the end, whereas we get the gist of what Karol is saying, the minutia of what’s being put forth is not abundantly clear. And it may not have anything to do with the translation but perhaps how the lyrics were written from the get-go. But any way you cut it, the overall message is that G is a boss chick who’s enjoying the party life.  And it also appears that she doesn’t really have time for half-assed romantic interests.

“Roncan, pero no pueden con mi pum-pum, con mi pum-pum
Y si hay alguien que me rompa
Porque no pueden con mi pum-pum
Con mi pum-pum, con mi pum-pum”

Karol G Explains the Meaning of “Bichota”

According to Karol, this song celebrates everyone (be they male or female) who chooses “to be fearless and fabulous”.

Regarding the music video, Karol said it “represents the feminine force” found in the lyrics of the song.


When was “Bichota” released?

It came out officially on 23rd October, 2020 as the third single from Karol’s “KG0516” album. The album in question, which is Karol G’s third studio album, was supported by a total of seven single releases, including “Tusa” (which features Nicki Minaj).

Did Karol G write “Bichota”?

Yes, she did. However, she wasn’t the only one that composed it. There are several other writers who receive writing credits on this song. They include:

  • Julio González
  • Justin Quiles
  • Cristian Salazar
  • Daniel Echavarría
  • Emmanuel Gazmey

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