“X” by Jonas Brothers (ft. Karol G)

Perhaps the most-succinct way of describing this song is as a relatively-raunchy tune centered on a one-night stand. Or more specifically, the male and female characters are hooking up with someone for the night who they don’t know like that. And all lyrics considered, it looks like they’re going to have a good, excitable time in the sack. 

Indeed the title is apparently a reference to the female participant, who is portrayed by Karol G, instructing the male (i.e. the Jonas Brothers) to put on a performance as if his “ex [girlfriend] is in the room”. And whereas that is somewhat of an odd statement, ultimately it is meant to point to the notion of this experience between them being “new” and experimental, in a sensual sort of way. And whereas the lyrics are definitely carnal in nature, the singers are also celebrating the fact that they actually found someone to spend a lonely evening with. 

So we don’t know how the story ends. But what we do know is that in the present moment, the Jonas Brothers and Karol G are elated to have found someone whom they are feeling – and vice versa. And this has presented them with the promise of not only companionship but also, succinctly put, good intimate encounter.

“Kiss me like your ex is in the room”

Writing Credits for “X”

Karol and the Jonas Brothers (Joe, Kevin and Nick) alongside the below mentioned writers wrote this song:

  • Shellback
  • Ali Tamposi

FYI, co-writer Shellback produced “X” in conjunction with Ryan Tedder (who is best known for his successful career with OneDirection).

Is this the first time the Jonas Brothers are working with Karol G?

Yes. “X” marks the first ever musical collabo between the brothers and Karol. However, it must be pointed out that back in 2017, Karol worked with Nick Jonas on the remix version of a track titled “Find You”.

Release Date of “X”

May 15th, 2020 was the date Jonas Brothers officially dropped this tune. It was released via a number of labels, including the Jonas Brothers’s own label.

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