6 Kiss by Trippie Redd Lyrics Meaning – Unpacking the Layers of Rebellion and Hedonism

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(I love Trippie Redd)
Oh, oh

Pourin’ up fours, mud in my cup
Won’t look at the past, it’s behind us
Falling in a bottomless pit, find us
Life is a purge, sound all the sirens

Do whatever I want, don’t give a fuck, live my life, uh-huh, uh-huh
I got your wife, she my slut, she take nut, uh-huh, uh-huh
And I don’t walk shit at all, I’m on a money run
I don’t got no opps, they stay inside ’cause they’re scared of my guns
Your bitch say she want a real one, I told her, “Come and find one”
It’s funny how you pussy but you never been inside one
Ayy, these dumb ass virgin ass niggas mad
They run when they see the gun in my hand
Bullets like Twitter, they follow them

Nut my kids, she swallowed them, ooh, yeah, she swallowed them
Boy, your chain ain’t solid gold, your jeweler finessed, he hollowed them
You niggas say they with’ it, uh, we gon’ Harry Potter him
Make that lil’ bitch disappear, got VVS’s in my ear
Ooh-ooh-ooh, a chandelier, they shinin’ on your bitch
We flick these hoes wanna fuck, ’cause I’m so freaky-deaky and your bitch gon’ eat me
You know that we killin’ these fuck niggas, hell nah
Ain’t no throwing a wife like hell nah
Pussy boy we gon bite that pussy nigga, pull up on him and bite that, uh
130K on a Cuban link, ayy
Shawty wanna fuck, suck the dick, and be my bae, uh
Chillin’ on that couch, fuck yo’ bitch in her mouth
Catch a nigga slippin’, put it in his fucking house, slatt
I ain’t with the talkin’, I ain’t with the talkin’
I ain’t with the talkin, put the pussy nigga in a coffin
He red, nigga say he bleeding, he red, he red
I’m killing everybody instead, yeah

It be so cold up in the summertime (freezing)
In the summertime (freezing)
Diamonds on my fingers, baby blue, they look like Megamind (yeah)
I don’t know reality, bitch, I feel like Coraline (yeah, yeah)
And we from the Northside, pull up, Optimus Prime (yeah)
I don’t wanna miss life, yeah
Promise it feel better taking his life (taking his life)
Yeah, Codeine when I piss right (when I piss right)
‘Cause we live that fucking triple six life (triple six)
Yeah, that 6 kiss life (666)
Murder what it is, murder what it is
Yeah, murder what it is, uh
I’ma catch a murder in this bitch
That’s for certain in this bitch
Like close the burtains in this bitch, uh, yeah (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Uh, it’s a living hell and we live in hell
I’m from there, living hell, I’m from there
I live in hell, I’m from there, yeah, gang (lalalala, lalala)

Full Lyrics

Trippie Redd’s sonic landscape has been one of rap’s most interesting mosaics, a blend of both the grit and lucidity of human emotion. ‘6 Kiss’ stands as a testament to this duality, showcasing the raw ethos of Trippie’s thematic staples: rebellion, hedonism, and braggadocio. At its surface, the song may seem like a quintessential manifesto of a carefree lifestyle laced with monetary and sexual conquests, yet, there’s undeniable depth beneath its seemingly one-dimensional veneer.

In the pursuit of understanding ‘6 Kiss,’ it is essential to dive into the crevices of Trippie’s artistry where the melodic and the melancholic meet. The track is a complex tapestry woven with intricate threads of meaning, each lyric contributing to a larger narrative of existential angst and resistance. As we parse through the lyrics, we’ll uncover the hidden profundities that make ‘6 Kiss’ a modern hymn for the disillusioned youth.

The Visceral Cry Against Social Structures

Trippie positions himself as a diurnal creature of havoc, navigating a world steeped in chaos and anarchy. ‘Life is a purge, sound all the sirens,’ he raps, painting his experience as a cacophony of sirens – a nod perhaps to the lawless free-for-all depicted in the ‘Purge’ films. There’s a commentary here on social collapse and the innate desire to rebel against an orderly civilization that feels both suffocating and hypocritical.

The motif of living in ‘a living hell’ suggests not just a portrayal of his surroundings but hints at an internal landscape of turmoil. Trippie’s disdain for authority and the ‘opp’s’ is palpable as he refuses oppression, his anthemic decree of self-governance reverberating as a battle cry for personal freedom.

The Currency of Fame and Violence

In the track ‘6 Kiss,’ Trippie’s infatuation with violence meshes with his success symbolism. ‘Bullets like Twitter, they follow them,’ is a clever personification, rendering violence into his social currency, as impactful as his digital presence. The imagery is chilling, yet it candidly encapsulates the grim nexus between fame, power, and the lurking peril upon which his stardom is constructed.

His boasts of extravagant purchases, ‘130K on a Cuban link,’ illustrate not just wealth but the perceived immunity it affords him against societal constraints. The lyrics juxtapose his material wins with darker, relentless violence, manifesting the grim reality where such luxuries and threats can coexist seamlessly in the chaotic tapestry of modern fame.

Drowning in Hedonistic Excess

The raw depiction of hedonism in ‘6 Kiss’ serves as a gateway to Trippie’s emotional depth, as well as a coping mechanism for his distress. ‘I got your wife, she my slut, she take nut,’ might appear vulgar, but there’s a subliminal message permeating the brashness. It is an assertion of dominance, of upturning the status quo, using his adversaries’ supposed sacred bonds to underscore his invincibility.

Drugs, money, and sexual encounters don’t merely serve as lyrical props; they are symptomatic of an emptiness that is being artificially filled. The compulsory mention of lean ‘Codeine when I piss right,’ reinforces this narrative of anesthetizing reality, of finding solace in substances when the world seems an unfathomable abyss.

Visualizing a Hellish Tablet of modern Times

Trippie Redd’s recollection of a ‘living hell’ is not merely for aesthetic appeal. It reflects the anguish of a generation entrapped in their personal infernos, of living in a society that often feels dystopian. Such poetic admission is Trippie’s way of acknowledging the collective struggle, of being a lyricist who mirrors the dark reflections of his audience’s psyche.

The references to hell are layered, having not just a metaphorical stance but also one that conjures the stark realities of urban disenfranchisement and inner battles with demons, both metaphorical and real. Trippie isn’t just narrating; he’s bearing witness to a beleaguered existence, and ‘6 Kiss’ becomes a canvas for the disenfranchised.

Memorable Lines that Define a Generational Soundtrack

It’s the specific lines that stick with the listener that define ‘6 Kiss’ as more than just a track—it’s a chronicle. ‘I don’t know reality, bitch, I feel like Coraline,’ stands out, alluding to an altered perception of existence, akin to the otherworldly experiences of the titular character in Neil Gaiman’s novella. Reality is not just subjective; it’s downright alien.

Moreover, the track title itself, ‘6 Kiss,’ offers a cryptic emblem. The number six repeats throughout the song and in Trippie’s other works, creating an enigmatic triad when coupled with the number ‘666’—a numerical motif that has followed Trippie Redd during his career, signifying both an edge and an eerily spiritual acknowledgment of the darker sides of life and fame.

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