“F Love” by XXXTentacion (Ft. Trippie Redd)

If you tuned into this track expecting to hear usually-bad boys XXXTentacion and Trippie Redd dissing women and love in general, you’re going to be disappointed. Rather it is based on the heartbreak X is feeling due to seemingly being betrayed by the woman he loves. Redd, on the other hand, handles the choruses pleading with said shorty not to forsake him.

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During the track’s singular verse, you can see that XXXTentacion is suffering immensely from heartbreak and something tantamount to betrayal, as he claims that she is the instigator of this situation. Indeed he cannot even locate his boo, and he finds himself in tears. In fact his emotions are in such turmoil that there seems to be the onset of some sort of insanity. All that dominate his thoughts now are violence and chaos.

Lyrics of "F**k Love"

This is because, as Redd points out in the chorus, this woman is someone X ‘needs in his life’. As such, he is begging her not to ‘switch sides’. And what does he mean by that? This is most likely a plea for her not to start dating other dudes. And more than anything, he entreats her ‘not to throw their love away’. Here, he basically begs her not to do anything which would result in the termination of their romance. It has been speculated that (like much of the music released by X) this song is based on XXXTentacion’s real-life experiences.


It must be noted that while X was incarcerated a couple of years ago, he claimed that Geneva (the same woman who accused him of physical abuse) was sleeping with his “homeboy”. Despite the highly-publicized turmoil that was evident in their romance, it is clear that Geneva was the love of his life. So if this song is based on any woman in particular, it is most likely her. As such, the title of this track, “F Love”, is likely a conclusion the rapper came to due to his unsuccessful yet deeply-emotional attempt at romance.

Is this X’s first time collaborating with Trippie Redd?

No. Actually the pair had collaborated together prior to “F Love”. They first worked together on Redd’s 2017 song “Uh Oh, Thots! (Remix)”.

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