“R.I.P.” by Joji (featuring Trippie Redd)

“R.I.P.” is the title of a song released by Japanese singer and songwriter George Miller (best known as Joji). American rapper and singer Trippie Redd lends his vocals to this song. In “R.I.P.”, both Joji and Redd talk about being ever ready to make the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of their respective lovers.

If someone loves you to the point where they are ready to die for you, then there’s nothing they can’t do for the sake of your love. This is the message both artists want to send to their respective partners.

Facts about “R.I.P.”

  • The song’s title “R.I.P.” clearly is the abbreviation for “Rest in peace”. This phrase, as we all know, is often inscribed on the headstone of a grave.
  • Joji and Trippie Redd collaborated with songwriter Francisco Ramirez to pen this song.
  • The production duties of this song were handled by Joji and Canadian DJ/record producer Ryan Hemsworth.
  • “R.I.P.” can be found on Joji’s 2018 album Ballads 1. Ballads 1 is his debut studio album. It was released via 12Tone Music and 88rising on October 26, 2018. “R.I.P.” is the only song on the entire album that contains a vocal feature.
  • The overall length of “R.I.P.” is 2 minutes and 38 seconds. This puts it below the average song length of 3 minutes.
  • Not too many listeners are comfortable with the theme of death that runs throughout the lyrics of this track.


Is this song about suicide?

A number of lines in “R.I.P.” make many believe this song is about suicide. For starters, they say the song’s morbid title is proof enough. They also cite the song’s lyrics “suicide for you” and “I would die for you” as concrete examples that suicide is the theme of this track.

Aside this track, have Joji and Trippie Redd ever worked together?

Yes. This isn’t Joji’s first time collaborating with Redd. The pair both appeared on the track “18”, which came out in January 2018. “18” is a song by Kris Wu, Trippie, Joji and Rich Brian.

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