“A Brand New Day” by BTS & Zara Larsson

“A Brand New Day” is a self-empowerment song, as it chronicles the singers’ dispositions as they strive forward and upward towards achieving their goals. Or another way to look at it is as a celebration of the artists’ actually achieving their aspirations.

BTS and Zara Larsson identify “fear and dread” as two thought processes which are hindering their paths to success. However, “visions” of victory are rather what have captivated their hearts and minds. So, as J-Hope in particular explains, although he was “fearful” and “dreadful”, he did not let these emotions cause him to shrink away from pursuing his dreams, even when he had to face “persecution” as a result.  And after a certain point of not giving up, he came to realize that the fulfillment of his aspirations was imminent.

And such is the primary sentiment of this song. It is not centered so much on the artists’ rejoicing at achieving their goals as it is them appreciating the journey which ultimately leads them to success. But as for the titular “brand new day”, that represents the actual moment their lives are transformed through the attainment of the ideological victory.

What really makes “A Brand New Day” unique is that instead of reveling in personal accomplishments or generically passing on words of inspiration to the audience, the singers are instead taking pleasure in each other’s triumphs. They are just as happy to share in their companion’s dreams and see them come true as they are in their own.

Facts about “A Brand New Day”

On 14 2019, “A Brand New Day” became the second single released by Big Hit Entertainment from BTS’ BTS World: Original SoundtrackBTS World is a videogame, starring the titular boy band. And “A Brand New Day” is one of the original songs which appear on the soundtrack. The first single from this project was “Dream Glow” (which featured Charli XCX).

 “A Brand New Day” was written by Zara Larsson, Mura Masa, Max Wolfgang, J-Hope of BTS, Scott Quinn and Yoon Guitar. Hope is the only member of BTS to have writing credits on this collabo. As for the production, Mura Musa (who co-wrote the song) also produced it.

This track incorporates the sound of a traditional Korean flute called a daegeum.

Only two members of BTS, rapper J-Hope and singer V, make an appearance on this song.

This is the first collaboration between BTS (South Korea) and Zara Larsson (Sweden).

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