“Save Me” by BTS

BTS’ ‘Save Me’ is a heartfelt song  about how someone’s love can go a long way in saving a person from the depths of darkness. It expresses the desire to win the affections of someone you are in love with. The lyrics are smooth and capture the overall feel of the song. The music is sweet with a sober feel to it. The song reflects a more down-to-earth vibe that BTS were clearly going for. The appeal of ‘Save Me’ is how everyone can identify with the emotions enunciated in the song. Fans and casual listeners will be drawn to this demonstration of what all of us go through when it comes to romance.  

BTS officially released ‘Save Me’ on May 2, 2016. It is the 11th track of CD 1 of their first compilation album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever.

Upon its release, ‘Save Me’ peaked at number 2 on the Billboard World Digital Song Sales chart.  

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  1. Army says:

    BTS song save me is spreading awareness even if it was released 4 years ago, it show how depressed you can get without having love in your life it could be family not everything has to be romantically.

  2. Army forever says:

    When save me came out I didn’t know who bts was but when my friend told me who they are i searched them up and this was my favorite song because when i listened to it i felt like someday someone will love me and feel the same way i do to them and the song is also helping me through my depression and all of their other songs have helped me to and just them being themselves and they make me happy and laugh so when i see bts someday at a concert I’m gonna scream “ Thank you, you guys are amazing and I love how you guys be yourselves and your music has helped me with my depression and thank you again.” So who ever has read this far hope you have a amazing day!

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