“About Damn Time” by Lizzo

Lizzo is one of those types of 21st century artists who are not keen on moping. That is not to imply that she doesn’t understand that depression is a part of life. But if she does find herself feeling “stressed” or “under pressure”, as in this case, then this vocalist is the kind of person who would recommend a course of action to rectify such emotional maladies.

And most notably in this song (“About Damn Time”) what she is espousing is music and dance, as to be expected of a pop musician. But beyond that, Lizzo also suggests dressing up as a means of feeling better about one’s self. And of course even if not harped on in this track, in the first verse there is also an allusion to the vocalist’s acceptance of her “thick” body type. 

So reading in between the lines, perhaps we can say that feeling good about one’s look is a viable anti-depressant amongst women. But that said, interpersonally Lizzo also acknowledges “a sentimental” male or female associate as also in order.

With all of that noted, this doesn’t really read like a song which demands plenty of thinking on the part of the listener. Instead, the way Lizzo sees it is that once a person makes a conscientious effort to free themselves from a melancholic mind-state, then it’s “about damn time” that they did so. In other words, under her estimation being dominated by negative feelings is a no-no.

Lyrics to Lizzo's "About Damn Time"

When was “About Damn Time” released?

“About Damn Time”, which came out on 14 April 2022, is actually Lizzo’s first release of the year. Concurrently she is one of the biggest names in the music industry. Her most recent studio album, 2019’s “Cuz I Love You” earned RIAA platinum certification in 2021. Even more impressively in 2020, Lizzo was nominated more than any other artist at the Grammy Awards and proceeded to take home three trophies.

“About Damn Time” is a part of “Special”, Lizzo’s fifth studio album. Reportedly, it was the last song written that ended up making the cut, one that Ricky Reed and Blake Slatkin initiated its creation at the last minute. And Lizzo was leery of making such a late addition to the project, but by the time all was said and done, the track was issued as the lead single of the album.

Besides for Slatkin and Reed, who also produced the track, the other writers of this song are:

  • Lizzo
  • JazzyJust
  • Theron Thomas
  • Larry Price
  • Stephen Hague

Lizzo spent a couple of years in college. While in college, she actually focused on studying of the flute.  And she does in fact play said instrument on “About Damn Time”.

The first teasing of this song, which was done by Lizzo herself, transpired on the 22 March 222 edition of The Late Late Show with James Corden.

The labels behind the track are Atlantic Records and Nice Life Records. And as an interesting side note Lizzo was the first signee of the latter and was instrumental in putting Nice Life on the map.

About Damn Time

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    I love you LIZZO as a fan! And I like all the answers that’s on here

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    Love her…she’s so inspiring! I love that she loves and appreciates who she is…just the way she is…! Love all her music!

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