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“Unholy” by Sam Smith (ft. Kim Petras)

As of this writing “Unholy” has not been officially released, so what we’re currently analyzing is apparently a snippet that Sam Smith made available via Twitter. So far there’s a pre-chorus and chorus, both rendered by...


“Grrrls” by Lizzo 

Lizzo’s “Grrrls” is somewhat of an odd outing. The thesis sentiment revolves around Lizzo celebrating her sistren, i.e. this being a dance-based, female-empowerment song. But the way the vocalist illustrates her sisterhood in the first verse...

What Would You Do?

“What Would You Do?” by Tate McRae

Tate McRae’s “What Would You Do?” really isn’t overtly romantic, but the logical implication would be that the vocalist is addressing her boyfriend. Premise-wise, he is presented as someone who ‘takes her for granted’. Moreover,...