“After School” by Weeekly

Perhaps we can say that the title of this song (“After School”) is self-explanatory. 

The “after school” which is referred to is literally in relation to after school, as in when classes are officially closed for the day. As current or former high school students ourselves, we know that this time tends to be more enjoyable than classes themselves, i.e. giving one the opportunity to freely hang out with their classmates and friends. 

And that is the setting upon which this song is based on. In other words, the girls are taking on the role of buddies meeting up “after school”. And they are anxiously anticipating linking up, so that they can engage in activities such as dancing, skateboarding and taking pics of each other. 

But more importantly than what they’re going to do is the fact that they’re doing so together. Or stated differently, it is obvious that they share a strong camaraderie and simply enjoy being around one another.

So conclusively what we have here, more so than anything else, is a friendship song. And considering that the vocalists are in their late teens, the storyline contained therein centers on sort of an academic-institution type of setting.

Music Video

The music video to this track was directed by Jimmy, an artist associated with VIA Productions.

Who are Weeekly?

Weeekly is a girl group from South Korea who, upon their formation in 2020, are seven ladies’ deep. As of the release of this track, which transpired on 17 March 2021 via Play M Entertainment, Weeekly’s members range in age from 15 to 19 years old with Zoa, at 15 years of age, being the youngest. The rest of crew consists of the following:

  • Jihan (16)
  • Lee Jaehee (17)
  • Lee Soojin (19)
  • Monday (18)
  • Park Soeun (18)
  • Shin Jiyoon (19)

All popular K-pop groups have their own distinguishable fandom. And in the case of Weekly, such individuals are referred to as Daileee.

“We Play”

This track is featured on Weeekly’s third EP, “We Play”. The first two, which both came out in 2020, were respectively entitled “We Are” and “We Can”. 

Both projects performed impressively in South Korea and helped establish Weeekly as one of the hottest up-and-coming acts in that very-musical country. For instance, they were named New Artist of the Year – Female at the Melon Music Awards, an important annual awards ceremony conducted in South Korea.

After School

Who wrote “After School”?

This song was composed by a multi-national team consisting of the following songwriters:

  • Daniel Lund Jørgensen
  • David Quiñones
  • Denzil “DR” Remedios
  • Jazelle Paris
  • Katrine “Neya” Klith
  • Ryan S. Jhun
  • Seo Ji Eum
  • Seo Jung Ah

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  1. 춘자 says:

    The instrumental and tone or style sounds like KimchiBling could of made this I remembered his projects are usually secret or hidden as he works behind the scene’s very often. The song composers who would of guessed that many, such a great song! I Love it! 💕

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