“Love To Hate Me” by BLACKPINK

‘Love To Hate Me’ speaks about a love-hate relationship where hate stands out in a thoroughly addictive way. It could apply to different types of toxic or abusive relationships. In this context, the song applies to the one between BLACKPINK and their haters. BLACKPINK are describing the ways in which their detractors seek to pull them down. However, they do this even as they listen to their music or follow them on social media. This ironic dynamic is the main point of criticism by BLACKPINK. The various members are sending a direct message to their abusers. They are showcasing their confidence and belief in their talents. These surpass anything their doubters can throw at them.

On a personal level. ‘Love To Hate Me’ may speak to some people and what they are going through in their personal lives.

‘Love To Hate Me’ was made commercially available on October 2, 2020. It is the 7th track of “THE ALBUM”. “THE ALBUM” was released on the aforementioned date and featured the following singles:

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