“All I Want” by Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo wrote “All I Want” from the perspective of a fictional character she portrays. However, the reason she was able to do so effectively is because its theme was personally a “very-relatable concept” to her. And said subject is the narrator’s discontent with two ex-boyfriends. 

The first is presented as a loving yet deceitful dude. And the second case is something like an unrequited love. So she is stating that ‘all she wants’, i.e. her simplest desire, is to have a “love that lasts”. Thus the basic sentiment behind this song is the singer’s longing to meet a romantic partner akin to a spouse. And she has come to realize, via personal experience, that reaching that point does “not come so easily”.

Lyrics of “All I Want”

Facts about “All I Want”

This song was written by a 16-year old Olivia Rodrigo. In fact it is the first song she’s ever written, and she did so within a time span of three days.

“All I Want” was written specifically for a television show Olivia stars in entitled “High School Musical: The Musical – The Series”. She wrote this from the perspective of the character she portrays, “Nini”. And the song was recorded live on the set of the show.

“All I Want” was produced by Matthew Tishler.

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