“All The Way Down” by Iggy Pop

By this stage in the game Iggy Pop, being a septuagenarian and all, is older than most of the rest of us. And perhaps it can be said that as such legendary artists get older yet continue to drop songs, they are less inclined to do so in a manner that is easily understandable to the general public. 

Or another way of looking at a song like “All the Way Down” is as it being based more on sentiment than words per se. The listener can tell that Iggy is putting forth an idea such as, excuse our French, not giving AF. But the way he does so is via metaphors and other assertions that don’t necessarily make logically-comprehensive sense.

For instance, even with all of the colorful symbolism being tossed about, it’s not abundantly clear what Pop means when he puts forth that he “might just get all the way down”.  What is clear is that the sentiment permeating throughout this piece revolves around Iggy coming off as someone who is not afraid to be himself, if you will. 

He also seems convinced that he has sort of this responsibility to rage against or criticize the machine, so to speak. Or put otherwise, he takes pride in being the outspoken type, who isn’t afraid to bring it as he sees fit.

In Conclusion

The above said, logic would dictate that what’s being expressed is such that long-time fans of Iggy Pop would have a better understanding of what he’s getting at than others. Iggy, though apparently not being the political type, still reads as, shall we say a countercultural artist. 

As he explained in this song, it was seemingly inspired by one of his people recording a spazzing episode he got caught up in. In other words, Iggy loses his cool from time to time and is celebrating the fact, given his age, that he’s still able to effectively do so.

Iggy Pop, "All The Way Down" Lyrics

Release of “All The Way Down”

This track is part of Pop’s nineteenth album, “Every Loser”, which came out on 6th January, 2023. Both “All the Way Down” and “Every Loser” share the same date of release.


“All The Way Down” has 4 credited songwriters, including Pop himself. The others are:

  • Andrew Watt, who also produced the album.
  • Stone Gossard, who is famous for being a member of Pearl Jam.
  • Chad Smith, who is the drummer for Red Hot Chili Peppers. 
All The Way Down

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