“Strung Out Johnny” by Iggy Pop

“Strung Out Johnny” is an anti-drug song coming from a source, Iggy Pop, who has had his fair share of issues with such substances. It is said that the one he really had a problem with was her*in. And likewise, the second verse appears to be a reference to such an addiction.

“Johnny” is a generic English name, if you will, and correspondingly whom the titular character is meant to represent is your everyman (though more specifically a young one). As depicted in the chorus, becoming “strung out”, i.e. a junkie, is an innocent enough process on the surface. 

The “first time” you partake of such substances, it is “with a  friend”. Then the next thing you know, “(you’re) doing in a bed”, presumably of your own accord. Then the next step is reaching a point where “you can’t get enough”, and just like that, “your life gets all f*cked up”.

So all things considered, this piece would be akin to the elder Iggy’s warning to the Johnnys of the world, i.e. young men who are tempted to experiment with drugs.  And the logical conclusion, even though it is never stated directly, is that it is better to resist said temptation, as it can overcome a person without them expecting it.

Release Date of “Strung Out Johnny”

“Strung Out Johnny” is the second single issued from Pop’s nineteenth full-length album called “Every Loser”.  This track was commercially released on December 12 of 2022.


The writing of this single was done by Pop himself along with contributions from other writers including its producer, Andrew Watt. Duff McKagan and Chad Smith are the song’s other writers.

“Every Loser”

“Every Loser” dropped in January 2023, a few weeks after its second single was released. “Frenzy“, which is this project’s first single, was issued on October 28 of 2022. 

Atlantic Records and Gold Tooth are the record labels behind the official release of “Every Loser”. This album began to gather prominence during the first few months of its release. It reached #33 in the UK and peaked inside the top 10 in countries such as France and Germany.

Strung Out Johnny

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