Alphaville’s “Forever Young” Lyrics Meaning

Alphaville’s “Forever Young” is a very-deep song. But here we will make an attempt to extract its most-pressing theme.

First off, like many other classic songs from the early 1980s, “Forever Young” is influenced by the international-politic climate of that era. During that time, world citizens had to deal with the peak of the Cold War, where many were under the impression that a major-nuclear conflict could jump off at any second. And part of “Forever Young” is premised on Alphaville living under that belief.

And overall, it can be said that they are expression a pessimism towards life in general. On one hand in their youth they have to deal with issues such as the aforementioned. And on the other the idea of ‘getting old without a cause’ is equally unappealing.

But overall, the singer is idealizing the idea of being young. And as detailed in the second verse, youth to him is more of a mental state highlighted by freedom of expression and individualism. And the insinuation is that as people age, they lose such exciting qualities which make them unique.

So let’s say conclusively that the lyrics of this song center on two different subject matters. The first half serves as a criticism of living under the specter of the Cold War. And the second espouses the idea of youth, particularly from a mental perspective, being preferable to aging.

Forever Young

Facts about “Forever Young”

“Forever Young” is one of the premiere songs in Alphaville’s repertoire.  Being originally released on 20 September 1984 by the Warner Music Group, it served as the title track and third single from their debut album. Moreover since its original release, the band has regularly issued remixes and demos of this song. Indeed even when this track first came out, it did so in two different versions.

And by the way, it should be said that the album “Forever Young” was also supported by the hit song “Big in Japan“.

“Forever Young” charted in the UK, US and about 10 other countries. Its most-impressive showing was actually topping the Swedish Singles Chart.

Moreover, the overall success of “Forever Young” was a gradual process, the result of it being featured on a number of pop-media programs throughout the years.

Additionally a number of other artist have consistently covered this song, with some of them also resulting in notable chart success. One such notable covers was done by

“Forever Young” was produced by the trio of Colin Person, Wolfgang Loos and Andreas Budde.

And the track was written by the band themselves.

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    My absolue favourite song of all time

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am 80 by now, but Foreever young will be plaid at my funural. Alf Krüger, Germany

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