Despite their moniker, America is actually a band that formed in England. The origin of their name likely stems from the fact that the fathers of all of the group’s original members actually worked at an US Air Force base stationed in London, and that is how the three of them met. Indeed America started off as a certified trio consisting of the following musicians:

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  • Dewey Bunnell
  • Gerry Beckley
  • Dan Peek 

Peek left the band in 1977 and ultimately passed away in 2011. However, Bunnell and Beckley remained active throughout the decades, even some 50 years after America’s original formation in 1970. And as such they have put together quite an extensive catalog.

America’s heyday was during their early years. In fact their biggest hit was also their first single, “A Horse with No Name” (1972). That same year, they dropped another iconic hit “Ventura Highway“. And a couple of years later they dropped another track which scored a number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, that being “Sister Golden Hair”(1975). Other highlights of the band’s career include winning a Grammy in 1973 for Best New Artist, becoming Vocal Group Hall of Fame inductees in 2006 and receiving their own Hollywood Walk of Fame Star in 2012.

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