“To Each His Own” by America

In “To Each His Own”, the vocalist takes on the role of an individual who decides to initiate a new lease in life in the most extreme way, i.e. by forsaking his past. At the same time, the lyrics can also be taken as him addressing another person, as in a loved one, who has made such a decision. And honestly, all that’s being said is not abundantly clear. But “to each his own” is a well-known adage pointing to the ideology that we as individuals should be afforded the opportunity to respectively live our lives as we see fit.

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So in terms of addressing a loved one who has decided to bounce for good, the vocalist is putting forth that he has no hard feelings. Instead, he understands that said individual is doing what he feels he has to do. And in portraying the same type of individual himself, what the singer is saying is that despite going his own way, he will always love the others he left behind.

“To Each His Own” by America

“To Each His Own” is a song by the rock band, America. It was released on November 15 of 1972 as part of the album, “Homecoming”.


Band member Gerry Beckley has been credited with the song’s composition while the band itself holds credits for its production.

The “Homecoming” Album

“Homecoming” happens to be the band’s second studio album. It was produced by the band itself and released into the public domain through American record label, Warner Records.

During a review of the album, AllMusic’s David Cleary referred to the 10-tracked album as “America’s finest album”.

“Homecoming” peaked at No. 9 in the United States and No. 21 in the UK.


Formed in London in 1970, America was formed by members Dewey Bunnell, Dan Peek and Gerry Beckley. The pop/rock band performed live for the first time as a unit at the US Air Force in London. During the same year, the trio signed a record deal with Warner Bros. Peek died on 24 July 2011. America, now a duo, has released 18 studio albums with their latest being “Lost & Found” released in 2015.

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