“I Need You” by America

This mellow song captures the sadness of a typical post-breakup. Reminiscing every precious memory being with the person only to realize that they’re gone is a painful trip to go through.

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Fortunately, despite the pain the addresser is going through, he accepts his fate that he has to move on. The line that ends in the first verse, however, brings the sadness to a whole ‘nother level as he is moving on “and mak(ing) the best of what (they) left to (him)”. From personal experience, every relationship and breakup changes a person, and sometimes an ex-partner could possibly take every good thing about yourself that you’re left to start from scratch again.


Lyrics of "I Need You"

Evidently, we have on our hands a very touching chorus with references to how things in nature need each other – just like how the addresser needs the addressee. Despite the pleading, the line that resonates with how he needs to make the best of what’s left of him post-breakup is “guess I’ll start it all again”.

What caused this break-up?

It’s hard to tell in this case what exactly went down. However, in the second part of the second verse, the addresser says that he “was to put to blame for every story told about (him)”. I can only assume that negative stories (or rumors) involving the addresser was spread around, thus causing this breakup.

When did America release “I Need You”?

On April 26 of 1972, America issued this light rock tune as the second and final single from their self-titled first studio project.

Although it did not perform well in the UK, “I Need You” was a big success in the US. Here, it reached #9 on the Hot 100. It enjoyed some success in Canada, ranking inside the top 5 on the charts there.

Credits for “I Need You”

The group’s founding member and songwriter Gerry Beckley authored this single all by himself. British songwriter and producer Ian Samwell took charge of the song’s production. He was assisted by fellow record producer, Jeff Dexter.


Various covers of “I Need You” have been put out by a number of notable artists including multiple-Grammy-nominated singer, Andy Williams. The late American singer recorded a cover of the song in 1972 for his thirteenth studio album entitled “Alone Again (Naturally)”.

Other well-known versions of the track have been covered by the following acts:

  • Ray Conniff
  • Percy Faith
  • Johnny Mathis
  • Harry Nilsson
  • Leslie Cheung
  • Marianna Leporace
I Need You by America

America’s “America” Album

“America” was originally released in the United Kingdom in 1971. The following year, the group re-released this project in the US. The first single from this album, “A Horse with No Name“, is by far the group’s most successful track. This single, which peaked at #1 on the Hot 100, was first released in the UK on November 12 of 1971. And on January 12, the following year, it was released in the US.

In addition to the above-mentioned singles, this record produced several other hits including “Three Roses” and “Sandman”.

The success of the album’s singles and its other well-received songs ensured that it ranked at enviable positions on various album charts around the globe. One of its most-prominent successes is peaking at #1 on the US Billboard 200. It also got to #14 in the United Kingdom and peaked at #3 in Australia.

As a result of its fine performance, in terms of sales copies, this project received a Platinum certification from the US’ RIAA.

Aside from featuring on the band’s debut project, “I Need You” has also appeared on the group’s other albums. For example, this song was included on the group’s compilation album “The Complete Greatest Hits (2001)”.  

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