“Sister Golden Hair” by America

The titular character, who is also the addressee of the song, is meant to be a composite of different women Gerry Beckley dealt with romantically. And in that regard it can be deemed that the singer isn’t the best of lovers. For instance, he is not keen on the idea of getting married. Moreover it seems he has sort of a transient, unsettled lifestyle where he cannot be with Sister Golden Hair as much as the two of them would prefer.

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But that being established, he wants her to know that he does in fact love her. In other words, he is always ‘thinking about her’, and he has concluded that he “just can’t live without” her. So he is now asking her to ‘meet him in the middle’, i.e. at some halfway point between their respective wants and needs. 

And all lyrics considered, it sounds as if he is requesting that she stay loyal to him while he continues to conduct himself the way he has already been doing, i.e. moving about at his own free will.

This track came out on 19 March 1975 via Warren Bros. Records. It is featured on and serves as the lead single to America’s album “Hearts”.

“Sister Golden Hair” was written by America’s own Gerry Beckley. His musical inspirations for the tune were the likes of The Beatles’ George Harrison and especially Jackson Browne. And the track was produced by George Martin, who is better known for his work with The Beatles. And it was engineered by one Geoff Emerick (1945-2018), another Beatles’ regular, whom Beckley also largely attributed the song’s success to.

This is one of two America songs which actually topped the Billboard Hot 100. It also marked the first time George Martin produced a Hot 100 chart topper since his Beatles’ days.

“Sister Golden Hair” has made some pop media appearances, including being played on a 2001 episode of “The Sopranos”.

America also recorded a Spanish version of this song, whose title in that language reads as “Hermana de Cabellos Dorados”.

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  1. Mike says:

    I think this is a bit different than some others. First off, Sister Golden Hair is not a nun lol. Seems he’s writing that he was supposed to marry another (tried to make it Sunday), but couldn’t bring himself to do so… because he keeps thinking about his real love, she of the golden hair who is freely available to him on a less continuous basis than his would-have-been bride. Meet me in the middle, meet me in the end, love me a little…. A lover, a friend, but not a ball and chain as the wife would have been.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good jesus…she has blond pubic hair already

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