“Arkansas” by Chris Stapleton

This song was inspired by a road trip Chris Stapleton took through the state of Arkansas, most notably making his way “through the Ozark Mountains” based on his own account.  And basically, what he is doing is celebrating Arkansas. The chorus features the singer depicting the state as one big party town. But the verses respectively feature him focusing more on the locality’s natural beauty and general exciting culture, such as barbecue cuisine and the people’s affinity for the sport of football. 

And all things considered, what can be definitively ascertained is that Chris really enjoyed his time in Arkansas.

This is a song that Chris Stapleton actually premiered, via live performances, in 2019. But it wasn’t officially released until 23 October 2020, as the third single from his album “Starting Over”.

Stapleton wrote “Arkansas” alongside Mike Campbell, and he produced the track with Dave Cobb.

The U.S. State of Arkansas

Arkansas nicknamed “The Natural State” and formerly named “The Bear State” is a state located in the west south central region of the United States. As of 2020, it serves as a home for at least 3.018 million people. This is the 33rd most populous and 29th largest state by area with its capital being Little Rock.

On June 15, 1836, the territory was admitted into the Union, seceded in 1861 and rejoined the Union by 1868. Arkansas’ economy has been based on commodity crops such as rice, cotton and soybeans, as well as service industries, tourism, steel, aircraft, and poultry among others.

Its culture is widely visible in novels, theaters, restaurants, athletic venues, television shows and museums around the state. Some of Arkansas’ most notable personalities include former president Bill Clinton, William Fulbright, Sam Walton, Wesley Clark, Glen Campbell, Johnny Cash, C.D. Wright, Charlie Rich and William L. McMillan.

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