“Love Me Anyway” by P!nk (Ft. Chris Stapleton)

Country singer Chris Stapleton plays a supporting role to Pink’s lead vocals on the song “Love Me Anyway”. And the song is centered on that latter questioning her lover’s commitment to their romance.  Alternatively stated, she is asking him if he would “love (her) anyway” even if she committed acts or other circumstances occurred which are not conducive to the maintenance of their relationship. 

She even goes as far as to question if he could still love her even if she ‘broke his heart’. And as aforementioned, it is important for the singers to know how their significant others would respond to these instances in the name of ascertaining their overall commitment to them, as in whether they would stick around in good times and bad.

Facts about “Love Me Anyway” 

  • The track was written by P!nk in addition to Tom Douglas and Allen Shamblin. Chris Stapleton didn’t play any role in the writing of “Love Me Anyway”.
  • “Love Me Anyway” was produced by Sal Oliveri, who also played the piano and bass on the song.
  • The track was released on the same day, 26 April 2019, as the album it is featured on, P!nk’s Hurts 2B Human.

Was this a single from Hurts 2B Human?


Is this P!nk and Chris Stapleton’s first collaboration?

Yes. But while this is Pink’s first collaboration with Stapleton, it isn’t the first time she is collaborating with a country music singer. Her previous collaboration with a country-music singer, Kenny Chesney, on 2016’s “Setting the World on Fire” proved to be a highly-successful endeavor. It was so successful that it resulted in nominations for CMA and Grammy Awards.

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  1. Lonnie Eston says:

    I was just curious if anybody really knew the meaning behind the song as my wife listens to it so many times as we have been married for 31 years I’m just curious.

    • Anonymous says:

      You’ve been married to an imperfect person for 31 years. You don’t need anyone to tell you the meaning behind the song.

      • Arbeit Macht Frei says:

        You are a supreme d–k Or va–na or something in between. Guy’s asking for help for Allah’s sake. Shalom

    • Mallory says:

      Lonnie, I have been married for 20 years and I love this song. It hits deep with me. I thought I had “unconditional” love, 17 years into the marriage I found out really quick that he has conditions. I’m. Not talkin about cheating, and Fidelity any of that I’m talking something so normal in marriage but he said if I wanted it he wanted a divorce. If you’re wondering what that it is, it’s a baby.
      He can’t have children will not allow me to use a donor, any other way. He’s not willing to take on a parental role with a child that is not biologically his even though it would be mine.
      I don’t know what’s going on in your relationship but your wife is in pain over something deep.

  2. I wish says:

    My mom has no clue and pretty much has little control over how deeply the things she says and the things she does hurt my dad.
    It doesn’t matter. He loves her anyway. He is her safe place no matter what. He won’t hurt her back. He just absorbs it. It is the cost to love someone with baggage. With defense mechanisms.
    The pain inflicted is nothing compared to what he feels just being around her.

    It isn’t one sided. She knows his love. She knows his self control. She recognizes and appreciates his sacrifices that allow them to share the last 50+ years together.

  3. Real lover says:

    It ain’t real love but fake. I love you even if you think that I don’t what’s that suppose to mean. Mixed messages! It’s a mistrust ING kind of love not real. Only real for the individual who thinks its real not for the victim who trusted in that fake love. Leave it up to oneself what is love anyway does anybody love anybody anyway. There it implies also there is limits on love. I love you even if you think that I don’t mixed messages. What one person thinks is love the other doesn’t. This is my love take it or leave it my limitations but might not be love but abuse. Maybe someone expecting too much love that other person can’t give so relations end up fighting and end. When there’s doubt and mistrust there can be no relationship. Just my take on the song. MYbe think it rings true in society. I love you even if you think that I don’t wow. So ii don’t mind you doubting. Take it or GETOUT. Ha

  4. BD says:

    Real Love….he’s not perfect she’s not perfect… When we fall in love it’s only the begining….can both people be humble enough to forgive, trust, and make sacrifices of change when faced with many of life’s realities. We have all witnesses men who cheat and lie, women do the same…..the desires to love and yet struggle with the how to are every generations struggle. Powerful strong Pink…..

  5. KC says:

    My fiancé and I met at the worst time in our lives. Each losing everything; one to a cheating husband and the other to addiction. In the midst of picking up the pieces and supporting one another, “we”endured. Looking back only a short ways, I realized just how hard it was to make it. And how strong love can be. I still have yet to make it through the song with a dry eye

  6. dog dog bark says:

    Seriously? Will you still love me? Hell no! Great lyrics and music though. ok… if it was Pink..I’d still love her.

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is a beautiful song but not exactly with hidden meanings.

  8. Please Abuse Me More says:

    This song should be called would you “forgive me any way”. It’s not about the boundaries of love, it’s about the potential willingness and depths for someone to be abused in a relationship. Love comes from knowing and loving yourself first and not wanting to impose pain on others who you love and love you. If I do any of those terrible things listed in the song to my significant other, it’s our commitment to one another and MY effort to seek my partner’s forgiveness for my transgression that will win out and my desire to love them better, not just their love. This song is so toxic and is what is wrong in our society and relationships currently. This actually turned my stomach when a the person who I like gave it to me to listen to. I went over the lyrics with them and asked them. They said, I guess I’m asking if or when I might do those things to you would you still love me? I asked why would you do those things to me, I would never contemplate doing them to you or being capable if I loved you. They couldn’t see my point but I already had some signs of toxicity from them and they have done some of the things in the song already. This song caused me to break it off with them.

  9. SeanG says:

    Read the story of Hosea and Gomer…

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