“You Should Probably Leave” by Chris Stapleton

“You Should Probably Leave” describes a relationship with an ex-lover with a messy history. This could be a cyclical relationship that ends up with them hooking up for the night. Despite feelings for each other, the relationship always doesn’t end well for both.

Even though it isn’t late, and the way the ex-lover looks at him, he is trying to fight the temptation of hooking up and telling her that she should probably leave. This was his first attempt in fighting the temptation of reigniting the fire, knowing well enough that it wouldn’t end well.

The chorus centers on him knowing she wants him to tell her to stay. However, he still tries his best to tell her to leave.

Lyrics of "You Should Probably Leave"

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With the consumption of alcohol as the evening progresses, inhibitions are lowered. Her kiss becomes hard to resist even though he tries to keep it to just one. Yet, noting how there’s still chemistry between both parties, it would be hard to just have one kiss. Furthermore, it would be almost impossible for the meeting to not end with physical intimacy.

As the night sets in, temptation gets the better hold of him as she whispers in his ear. This evidently turns him on and the fight to resist becomes futile. Thoughts are conflicting in his mind, wanting to do the right thing or listen to the devil.

He ultimately gives in to temptation of spending the night with her. Night soon turns to morning with his ex-lover sleeping on the bed. At this point, fear suddenly occupies his heart. And why? Because he doesn’t want her to end up telling him to leave when she gets up.

When was “You Should Probably Leave” released?

On the 13th of November, 2020, Chris Stapleton (through Mercury Nashville) released this song. It is a song from Stapleton’s “Starting Over” album. Actually it is the album’s second official single.

Did Chris Stapleton write this song?

Yes, he did. He composed it alongside two other writers, namely:

  • Ashley Gorley
  • Chris DuBois

This song was actually composed several years prior to its release. This is because Chris once performed it live in Nashville in 2014. You can watch the performance below. Chris performed it alongside fellow American singer Morgane Stapleton (who by the way is Chris’ wife).

Did “You Should Probably Leave” chart?

Yes. It was a smash hit nationwide. For example, hit number 1 on multiple relevant Billboard country singles charts in the United States. Among them include:

  • Country Airplay
  • US Hot Country

Furthermore, it was also a top-30 hit on the main Hot 100 chart.

This song was also big in Australia and Canada. In the latter country, it topped the “Canada Country” listing. It also enjoyed top-10 status on Australia’s Country Singles chart.

Chris Stapleton's "Starting Over"

Chris Stapleton’s “Starting Over” Album

American singer and songwriter, Chris Stapleton released the country album, “Starting Over” on the 13th of November 2020.

Chris and Dave Cobb, a fellow American record producer cum music executive have been credited with the production of the album.

The 54 minutes long album has14 tracks intotal and was released through the country music wing of Universal Music Group, Mercury Nashville as Chris’ fourth studio album.

On the Billboard 200, “Starting Over” peaked at No. 3. It was No. 2 in Canada and No. 31 in the United Kingdom.

It received a Gold certification in Canada from Music Canada.

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