Arthur Nery’s “Life Puzzle” Lyrics Meaning

Perhaps we can say that Arthur Nery is akin to a true Westernized pop star, as he has followed the American formula of taking a concept that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with love yet presenting it in a primarily romantic context. Or at least that’s one way to look at “Life Puzzle”. 

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And that’s because according to Arthur’s own explanation, the addressee would actually be one of his platonic female friends. But as fate would have it, she’s currently dating a playa, i.e. a dude who totally doesn’t appreciate her. And as expected, in real life, Nery’s sentimental reaction to all of this is one of pity and remorse.

But alas, as the Terminator would say, said friend is a healthy female of breeding age, and Arthur is a pretty poppin’ dude himself. So going back to his above explanation we can say that yes, the idea of taking her on as a partner has in fact crossed his mind. But again going back to this song conforming to pop standard, such is actually the sentiment that is placed in the forefront, not his sympathy for what she went through with the other dude, which is only really touched upon in the first verse.

So this isn’t necessarily a I-want-to-take-you-from-your-boyfriend kind of song. Indeed based on the chorus most specifically, it would appear that the vocalist and addressee are already an item. But now, lingering thoughts in the mind of the latter concerning the way her ex treated her are proving an obstacle to present-day happiness. But either way, the vocalist has now reached a point where he considers the addressee an integral, fulfilling part of his life, thus giving us the title of this song.

Arthur Nery, "Life Puzzle" Lyrics

Arthur Nery

Arthur Nery is a singer from the Philippines. We actually shed some light on him in the recent past as his track “Pagsamo” (2021) began trending around the onset of October, 2021. As we stated then, the information currently available about him online is relatively terse. 

For instance, by the looks of things Nery has yet to earn his own Wikipedia page. However, our research has shown us that he has been in the game for a couple of years now. 

More about “Life Puzzle”

And in fact “Life Puzzle”, with a release date of 29 March 2019, is apparently one of the first singles of his career as a musician. And it is derived from Arthur’s only album to date, 2019’s “Letters Never Sent”.

This track was issued by O/C Records, which itself is sort of a new kid on the block. It is a subsidiary of a more long-standing Filipino label, Viva Records.

Did Arthur Nery write “Life Puzzle”?

Yes. “Life Puzzle” was written exclusively by him. And its producer is Yuuki Tacastacas.

Life Puzzle

More Interesting Facts

Perhaps the greatest mystery currently surrounding Arthur Nery is his actual age. That is to say that a number of different websites which feature his bio also respectively tend to list different ages. But combining all of this information, we have been able to average that his current age ranges from the early- to mid-20s.

One interesting fact which is known about Arthur is that he is a serious, experienced actor. He actually has years of experience in acting. For example, he is featured in The Vag–a Monologues. And it has also been pointed out that his brother is a professional filmmaker.

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