“Higa” by Arthur Nery

Arthur Nery, a trending musician who we know relatively little about at this moment, has cited the likes of Daniel Caesar and Bruno Mars as being his musical role models. So it’s understandable that the most notable tracks he has dropped thus far in his young career have been of a romantic nature. And so it appears with the song “Higa”, or at least that’s how it seems based on the way we received the rough translated lyrics from their native Filipino.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Arthur Nery's Higa at Lyrics.org.

Now we’re not necessarily taking this understanding for granted, considering how some translations leave much to be desired. But what the lyrics appear to be based on, most simply put, is the vocalist really liking the addressee. Therefore he is trying to convince to ‘slowly lay down her body’ next to him.

It also seems to be that besides genuinely liking her, the addressee may be going through some type of emotional discomfort. And in that regard, the wording potentially reads as if Nery is trying to convince her to trust him enough to let him console her. And all of the above advances are buttressed by the assertion that she is someone who is truly “important” to him. Or viewed differently, even if no one else cares about her, Arthur does. Or, at least that’s hypothetically all that’s going down given the translation.

Also concerning the title, a quick Google search reveals that Higa is in fact a name, albeit a surname originating from the Japan area. So we don’t know if such is also akin to a female name in the Philippines, i.e. “Higa” being the person the vocalist is singing to (even though the name is never mentioned in the song). But that would be the prevailing theory.

Lyrics to Arthur Nery's "Higa"

More about “Higa”

This track was brought to the world by a Philippines-based label, O/C Records.

It was issued on the date of 29 March 2019 as one of the songs on Arthur Nery’s debut album “Letters Never Sent”. 

Readily available information about this song and indeed Arthur Nery himself is, at the writing of this post, quite scant. However, we do know that “Higa” was his “breakout single”, setting Nery on the road of potentially becoming one of the top singers in his aforenoted homeland. 

For instance, as of the writing of this post one of his more-recent tracks, “Pagsamo“, is trending on YouTube.

“Higa” was written by Nery. It’s production credits are held by Axel Fernandez.


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    Higa means to rest

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