“Pagsamo” by Arthur Nery

First off, let it be known that we are using Google Translate to analyze Arthur Nery’s “Pagsamo”, as there aren’t translations rendered by a qualified individual(s) online thus far. And the title, when translated, actually comes out to “Supplication”. This is a term that is perhaps most commonly used in sort of a religious context. But what the word most simply means, according to Oxford, is “asking or begging for something earnestly or humbly”.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Arthur Nery's Pagsamo at Lyrics.org.

And again, we’re dealing with a Google as opposed to personal translation here, so there’s much to be desired in terms of making what we’re currently looking completely comprehensive to an English reader. But the primary sentiment being put forth still comes off as being one very much ascertainable. And what it does read like is that the vocalist is heartbroken from a romantic perspective. 

Moreover, the addressee would be his ex or the lady he is in this troubled relationship with. So basically, the “supplication” he is making is begging her not to bounce for good, rather desiring that they work things out.

In Conclusion

“Pagsamo” is fundamentally your classic please-don’t-go fare – very much a sentiment that transcends the limitations of nationality and language. But that said, we are looking forward to a more proper translation of the tune being published in the near future. For it also seems as if this song may consist of some, shall we say lyrical intricacies that don’t quite come through in the automated translation.

Lyrics of "Pagsamo" by Arthur Nery

Credits and Release of “Pagsamo”

This song was written by none but Arthur Nery. Its production credits also belong to a single person. That being Alex Jon Fernandez.

On 1 October 2021, Arthur officially made this song commercially available globally.

Who is Arthur Nery?

As of the release of “Pagsamo”, Arthur is considered to be one of the most promising musicians coming up in the Philippines. Reports of his age vary. No one currently knows exactly how old he is. However, apparently, despite sporting youthful looks, he is somewhere in his mid-to-late 20s. 

Online information about the artist is a bit scarce at the moment, but Nery is known for being an actor also. And seemingly his most notable single to date would be a song that came out in 2019 entitled “Life Puzzle“. Also he has another very popular track titled “Higa“.

Interesting to note is that Higa’s music video is trending at the same time as “Pagsamo”. And this is despite “Higa” originally coming out in 2019.


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    He’s 24

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    This is my boy best friend’s favourite song he listens to.
    Samuel Langdetb 👀

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    if u could see this, i’ll love u from afar kahit hindi tayo ang para sa isa’t isa

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    you’ve change and i’ve come to realize you doesn’t care at all..i was fascinated alone

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    i realized i was fascinated alone

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