“Willow” by Taylor Swift

Whereas “Willow” reads more or less like your conventional love song in sentiment, it does not do so in presentation. In other words, it is in fact centered on Taylor Swift pledging her commitment to ‘her man’. But it’s somewhat unorthodox in that she is stating her willingness to follow him wherever he goes, even if such requires ‘wrecking her own plans’ in the process.

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Indeed the title of the song is apparently based on such a concept, i.e. Tay Tay comparing herself to the branches of a willow tree in the wind in terms of her malleability in the hands of her lover. This is not a common sentiment amongst contemporary female singers, who tend to be more independent-minded shall we say. And again this is all meant to point back to how much she is enamored by the addressee, i.e. her significant other.

Facts about “Willow”

This is the lead single from Taylor Swift’s album “Evermore”. This project was a surprise release that came out on 11 December 2020. And the label which granted Swifties this treat is Republic Records.

As usual Swift wrote her own song, this time in collaboration with the track’s producer, Aaron Dessner.

Tay Tay also directed the music video to the track. Both video and track came out on the same day as the album.

Said clip features one of Swift’s former dancers, Taeok Lee, portraying her romantic interest. It is also filled with what are called Easter eggs, i.e. subtle references to other works of pop media (such as the Twilight vampire series), including reportedly quite a few of Taylor’s previous tracks. Additionally its storyline is a continuation of the one featured in the singer’s “Cardigan” music video, which came out a few months prior.

Moreover Swift’s own teasing of “Willow” is said to date back to late November 2020, when she posted a pic on Instagram featuring the image of a willow tree in the background.

“Willow” is a Number-One Hit!

Taylor clinched a number 1 hit single with “Willow” both in her home country and abroad.

United States of America#1

The table below shows the other places where “Willow” performed impressively on the charts.

CountriesHighest Position
New Zealand#3
United Kingdom#3

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