“Bangarang” by Skrillex (ft. Sirah)

Some of Skrillex’s songs from days past definitely weren’t heavy on wording in the traditional sense, rather relying more on beats and repetitive yet catchy lyrics. And such is the case with “Bangarang”.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Skrillex's Bangarang at Lyrics.org.

For starters, the title is a word derived from the Peter Pan lexicon, more specifically the 1991 movie Hook based on characters from the early-20th century novel. And as used in the film, it is “the battle cry of the Lost Boys”, i.e. Peter Pan’s homeys. And that’s why the vocalist of the song is giving a ‘shoutout to all her lost boys’. 

But even though the lyrics as well as the video may have been inspired by Peter Pan, she isn’t actually speaking to fictional characters. Rather “lost boys”, as used therein, is more of a reference to all the “rowdy” guys in the house. 

Moreover, exclaiming “bangarang” is not a call for them to arms. Rather, all things considered it would probably be an admonishment to dance and/or an allusion to the power of the music being spun.

Or rather, let’s say simply listening to “Bangarang” would reveal that the understanding of this song is not really meant to be found in its lyrics. Or put differently, trying to make too much sense out of them sort of defeats the purpose. Rather, as far as the wording goes, Skrillex and co. were obviously inspired, touched or however you want to put it in terms of the aforementioned depiction of the Lost Boys. And they’re using that inspiration to espouse – for lack of a better word – rowdiness in general.

"Bangarang" Lyrics

“Bangarang” Facts

Primary Artist(s): Skrillex
Featured Artist(s): Sirah
Album/EP: “Bangarang” 

Was “Bangarang” a single release?

Yes. It was a single released from the EP, “Bangarang” on 16th of February, 2012.

Who wrote and produced “Bangarang”

“Bangarang” was written by Skrillex and Sirah. Skrillex subsequently produced it himself.


  • Trap
  • Punk rock
  • House
  • Hip hop
  • EDM


“Bangarang” beat the following songs to win an award for “Best Dance Recording” at the Grammys in 2013:

  • Avicii’s “Levels”
  • Calvin Harris and Ne-Yo’s “Let’s Go”
  • Swedish House Mafia and John Martin’s “Don’t You Worry Child”
  • Al Walser’s “I Can’t Live Without You”

Other Accolades

It was named the 22nd best song of 2012 by Rolling Stone.

Chart Performance

  • US – 72
  • UK – 3
  • Belgium – 2
  • Australia – 1

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