Bearface is a musician who, despite being down with the US-based hip-hop crew Brockhampton, is actually from Northern Ireland. He exhibited musical talent, i.e. learning to play the guitar, even before he became a teenager. Moreover even prior to becoming a member of Brockhampton he was already active on the professional music scene. For instance, in 2012 he dropped an album, consisting solely of instrumentals, entitled Beat_Tape (2012). Additionally according to some accounts it was actually the leader of Brockhampton, Kevin Abstract, who personally invited Bearface to join Brockhampton. This was after the two of them crossed paths on the music scene.

As of the late 2010s Bearface is in fact one of the central members of Brockhampton. And this is despite having already established himself as perhaps the most-reclusive member of the crew. Actually in days past, he only made appearances during select occasions. However, it has also been noted that his activity in the group picked up after Ameer Van left Brockhampton in 2018. And in addition to playing guitar for the group, Bearface also provides vocals. He also occasionally handles the production of their tracks.

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