“Peach” by Kevin Abstract (Ft. Bearface, Joba & Dominic Fike)

In “Peach”, Kevin Abstract and his homeys tackle the issue of a romantic relationship Kevin is reminiscing about. While it is clear this was someone Kevin cared for, ultimately it seems that she left him. However, as Joba and Bearface proclaim in the pre-chorus, things can still be “peaches and cream”, as in soft and sweet, between them if only homegirl was willing.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Bearface's Peach at Lyrics.org.

Meanwhile Dominic Fike provides the intro and chorus to shed additional light on the situation. It is during these sections where it becomes clear just how much the aforementioned lady means to Kevin.  However, it also becomes apparent that she is not wholeheartedly vested in the relationship.

So what this song boils down to is Kevin appealing to his shorty/ex to be more-receptive of his love, because apparently at times she is unwilling to do so.

Facts about “Peach”

  • The band Brockhampton was thoroughly involved in the creation of this song. For instance, members Romil Hemnani, Jabari Manwa, Joba, Bearface and Kevin Abstract wrote the track along with Jack Antonoff and Dominic Fike. Jabari and Romil also produced the song alongside Jack Antonoff.
  • This track was released simultaneously with its official video on 24 April 2019.
  • Question Everything Inc. and RCA Records are the labels responsible for getting “Peach” out to the public.
  • “Peach” came out a few hours before the album it is featured on, Kevin Abstract’s Arizona Baby, also dropped.

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