“Behind Your Walls” by The Offspring

The Offspring’s “Behind Your Walls” is a song about depression. And the person who is suffering from this affliction would be the addressee. Moreover, he or she is someone whom the vocalist cares about. So the addressee’s current state has the narrator concerned.

But this is not simply due to this person feeling down. Rather he is suffering from that kind of despondency whereas he has basically closed off the rest of the world, living “behind… walls of pain” as the singer puts it. And as a backdrop said vocalist, The Offspring’s Dexter Holland, has witnessed his fair share of suicides of what have you. So yes, he is very much concerned for the current state of the addressee. 

He knows that depression is real and can bear devastating fruit. So even though, to the uninitiated, the addressee may simply come off as being docile or disinterested, Holland is able to ascertain that something more serious is going on.

So he is trying to get past the mental and social barriers this individual has erected in the name of ‘reaching’ him ‘before he goes over the edge’. He perceives the potential of something catastrophic, like suicide, transpiring and wants to prevent it while such is still possible. 

Or more simply put, the narrator wants to help this individual overcome his depression. But perhaps even more pointedly than noting the fact that the addressee is depressed, the lyrics of this song serve the purpose of illustrating that actually accomplishing this goal will not be an easy task.

"Behind Your Walls" Lyrics

Release Date of “Behind Your Walls”

“Behind Your Walls” is a song that the Offspring released on the 16th of April, 2021 as part of their “Let the Bad Times Roll” album.

Credits for “Behind Your Walls”

“Behind Your Walls” was written by band member, Dexter Holland and produced by Bob Rock.

The Offspring’s “Let the Bad Times Roll”

Recording started in 2013 but the album could not be completed for release until April of 2021 due to a number of setbacks including legal issues, the search for a new record label after the band’s fallout with Columbia Records and a change in the band’s lineup after Greg K. got fired. Greg was the band’s bassist and co-founder.

Canadian musician and record producer, Bob Rock is the brain behind the album’s production.

“Let the Bad Times Roll” was released through California based record label Concord Records as the band’s 10th studio album. It became the first album of the band to be released since Greg K. got sacked.

The album peaked at No. 27 on the Billboard 200. It made it into the top-10 of the official albums charts in the UK. In these countries, it also achieve a similar feat:

  • Switzerland – 4
  • Spain – 8
  • Scotland – 5
  • Japan – 5
  • Germany – 5
  • France – 7
  • Australia – 2
"Behind Your Walls"

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