“This Is Not Utopia” by The Offspring

The Offspring frontman Dexter Holland admits that “This Is Not Utopia” may sound as if it were written in reference to the racially-based riots that swept across America during mid-2020. However, he had actually written it before the killing of George Floyd and what have you. And what he is saying, simply put, is that America is not the “Utopia”, i.e. idyllic society, that many people may perceive it to be. 

This reality is not necessarily founded on what’s going on in the news as we speak. Rather the nation itself, as described, is ‘rooted in hysteria’. And yes, that is quite an ambiguous assertion. But what it appears the vocalist is saying is something like the ideological foundation of the nation itself is weak, so what we see today is just a manifestation of that reality.

And in terms of the main issues which the vocalist perceives in relation to modern-day America, his concern is two-fold. First, as alluded to earlier, is this feeling of mass discontent.  And being that the United States is in fact a violent nation, such manifests itself via physical aggression.

Secondly, he feels sympathy for the disenfranchised, the “poor and weak”. These are people whose “lives we could be saving”. But instead it’s like the powers that be don’t value their existence.

And yes, The Offspring does come off as one of those types of bands who is under the impression that good ol’ fashioned love is the solution to all of this hate. Moreover, on a more practical note, they appear to put the onus on us individuals to brighten up the corner of America where we are, so to speak. For at the end of the day, “this is not Utopia”. So positive action must be taken to counteract all of the negativity.

Lyrics to "This Is Not Utopia"

Release Date of “This Is Not Utopia”

The Offspring released “This Is Not Utopia” on April 16 of 2021 as a song on the their 10th studio album with the title, “Let the Bad Times Roll”.


Dexter Holland (who is the band’s primary songwriter) doubled as the song’s author and producer.

“Let the Bad Times Roll”

This album was produced by Canadian record producer Bob Rock. It was released by Concord Records, a California  based record label.

The band started recording “Let the Bad Times Roll” in 2013. They however encountered a number of challenges resulting in the delay in completion and eventual release. The Offspring was confronted with an altered lineup as co-founder and guitarist Greg K. got fired from the band. They also had to overcome the challenge of getting a new record label after their relationship with Columbia Records turned sour.

“Let the Bad Times Roll” became the first album to be released by the band without Greg K. as a member. It is also the last album released with drummer Pete Parada as a member of the band. In August of 2021, Pete was sacked from the band for his refusal to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The album peaked at No. 27 on the Billboard 200 and put up impressive performances on charts around the world. It peaked at No. 3 in the UK, No. 4 in Switzerland, No. 2 in Australia, No. 7 in France and No. 5 in Germany.

"This Is Not Utopia"

Approximately four singles were released from this album. “This Is Not a Utopia” wasn’t one of them. The aforementioned singles are:

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