“We Never Have Sex Anymore” by The Offspring

“We Never Have Sex Anymore” is one Offspring song in which the title is quite literal. What the narrative centers on is a relationship that is still intact alright. For instance, the singer and his lady, the addressee, apparently reside together. Moreover she prepares him dinner nightly, which all things we can say is a true show of commitment. However, as indicated, they “never have sex anymore”. 

And whereas the vocalist does miss the days of ‘constant’ lovemaking, it isn’t like he’s necessarily feening at the moment.

Rather the lack of bumping and grinding is indicative of a bigger issue in this romance. And that is the addressee has become such that she no longer displays emotion, whether good or bad, at all. So it’s almost as if, excuse our expression, the singer is living with a robot who just performs house chores. Indeed what he is in fact feening for is any show of sentimentality on her regard, even if it is “emotional strife”. 

In fact we can even put forth that he not only misses the sex but also getting into a good ol’ fashioned confrontation with his lover every now and then.

And whereas this all may come off as being quite humorous based on the way we’re presenting it, anyone who has actually been through such an ordeal would likely sympathize with what the narrator is going through. 

A person not caring either way is more or less a sign that they are no longer in love. Meanwhile there’s no indication that he or even she wants this relationship to end. Moreover, this is not the type of character she displayed when they initially fell in love.  Yet he seems unable to definitively ascertain why she has changed. 

So the highlight of his lament may in fact be a lack of sex. But in a way, we can replace the word “sex” in the title with “love”, and it would still mean the same within the grand scheme of the narrative.

"We Never Have Sex Anymore" Lyrics

All in all, the narrator and his lover are no longer bonking. And that seems to indicate that she has fallen out of love altogether.

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