Bloc Party’s “Kreuzberg” Lyrics Meaning

“Kreuzberg” is centered on the narrator’s promiscuity. Or rather let’s say that yes, he does present himself as someone who sleeps around. However, he is actually doing so in search of true love. And accordingly, the idea of sleeping with people whom he does not go on to form any type of meaningful relationship with seems to be coming increasingly worrisome to the vocalist. So the song climaxes with him expressing disappointment over yet another emotionally-ungratifying sexual intercourse. But given his overall disposition, despite being quite pessimistic he continues seeking out that special someone.

Writing Credits

The then members of Bloc Party – Kele, Lissack, Moakes and Tong – wrote this song.

“Kreuzberg” was produced by Irish musician Jacknife Lee, who is known as a regular collaborator of Bloc Party’s. 

Release Date of “Kreuzberg”

This song came out, via Wichita Records, on 24 January 2007. It is part of Bloc Party’s second album, which is relatedly entitled “A Weekend in the City”.

But what really is the meaning of “Kreuzberg”?

The name of the track (“Kreuzberg”) actually points to a famous neighborhood in Berlin, Germany. This German district is widely considered one of the country’s most multicultural and trendiest districts. Here you’d find a host of art galleries, trendy cafés, eateries and museums. The Turkish community is one of the largest in this neighborhood. Owing to this, it is very common to comes across foods like meatballs (köfte) and flatbread in many of the eateries scattered all over Kreuzberg.

Aside a large Turkish community, this trendy German district is also home to a lot of artists and international students.

Was this released as a single from “A Weekend in the City”?

No. Bloc Party released four songs as singles from the said album. These songs are as follows:

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