Bloc Party’s “So Here We Are” Lyrics Meaning

“So Here We Are” is the title of a famous song brought to the world by the English indie rock band known as Bloc Party.

Cutting right to the chase, according to the band’s lead singer Kele Okereke he is basically portraying a user of a drug. And the said substance he is using is ecs*asy. And the person whom he is addressing is likewise a user. Indeed it is pretty obvious that the addressee is in a disoriented – or at least sick – state. And basically the theme of the tune, once again based on Kele’s explanation, features the two of them trying to reclaim that state of exhilaration one feels after freshly taking the substance. And it can be ascertained from the lyrics that the singer and addressee are verily caught up in some kind of a less-than-ideal cycle, albeit one that they willingly engage in nonetheless.

Facts about “So Here We Are”

This is the first single from Bloc Party’s critically acclaimed maiden album, “Silent Alarm”. Or more specifically it served as one half of a double A-side, along with the track “Positive Tension”. And both came out, via Wichita Recordings, on 14 February 2005.

“So Here We Are” went on to become one of the band’s most notable hits, topping the UK Indie Chart and reaching as high as number five on the UK Singles Chart proper.

Writing credit for this song goes to the musicians who made up Bloc Party at the time. And they are as follows: Kele Okereke, Matt Tong, Gordon Moakes and Russell Lissack.  Furthermore, the entire band, collectively, are credited with producing this hit single, doing so alongside Paul Epworth.

Many consider this song one of the most underrated songs in the entire history of recorded music.

Did Kele really say this song is about getting high?

Yes, he did. We are not making this up. Actually he has confirmed this on multiple occasions. On one occasion, he said the song was about getting intoxicated/high and relaxing in a park/field. On another occasion he briefly explained the meaning of “So Here We Are” as follows:

Meaning of Bloc Party's "So Here We Are"

A truly nostalgic song. Indeed one that makes your mind travel back to the good old days and try to relive those golden memories!

And the song’s lyrics below capture that perfectly!

Lyrics of "So Here We Are"

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