“Blue & Grey” by BTS

BTS’s late-2020 album is one which is thematically premised on the band’s reactions to the coronavirus pandemic and some of the realities which surround this new way of living. And more the most part, even while acknowledging this very-serious situation, the boys have taken an optimistic approach to the subject at hand, as they are known to do.  However, this particular song is admittedly more melancholy. For symbolically the colors “blue and grey” are indicative of how the singers feel.

But for the record, they are not depicting their depression within the context of the coronavirus per se. Rather it’s more like the featured vocalists have been dealing with feelings of self-doubt and sadness for some time. Indeed even amidst their phenomenal success, such emotions still persist. And whereas lyrically the song does conclude with V relaying a “good night”, ultimately this one doesn’t feature the usual upbeat BTS climax.  Rather all indications are that the aforementioned feeling, of happiness sometimes being elusive, is one which the singers will continue to deal with for the time being.

BTS member V is one of the producers “Blue & Grey”, as are external artists Hiss Noise, Levi and Nive. And all four of them also co-wrote the tune in conjunction with Metaphor and the following BTS members:

  • J-Hope
  • RM
  • Suga

“Blue & Grey” was officially released to the public on 20 November 2020. And behind its issuance are record labels Columbia and Big Hit Entertainment.

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