“Epiphany” by BTS

BTS’ “Epiphany” is a wonderful song about self-love. It bears a specific message for people who are suffering from depression and other related issues. The main music video shows BTS member Jin in a contemplative state. He can be seen sitting in a house. He gets dressed and leaves it. The next shots are of him wandering around in heavy rain. Lightning and thunder can be heard in the sky as the camera closes in on his face. His expressions are one of sadness and silent acceptance. He eventually returns home and sees a new day start. He grabs a new coat and heads out again. The music plays against the backdrop of these actions. The video also starts in black and white. It eventually transitions to full color by the time the climax arrives. The lyrics are easy to understand and powerful.

Words like “I’m the one I should love” drive home the theme of the song. BTS are urging people to love themselves. We all go through moments of pain and suffering. However, bad moments are like passing showers. Eventually, they will give way to sunlight. This should give us a sense of optimism.

All in all, ‘Epiphany’ is a much-needed piece that helps people find hope in the darkest of times. Fans and casual listeners will no doubt find solace in this lovely piece.  

When was “Epiphany” released?

This very inspirational tune was released by BTS on August 2, 2018. It was sung by Jin.

The song was used for the comeback trailer for their second compilation album “Love Yourself: Answer“. It is worth noting that the aforementioned album was the best-selling South Korean album in 2018. It was also the second best-selling album in the world. As of 2020, it has sold 2 million + copies.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this song so much. I would never get tired of listening to this master piece. His voice is so angelic that really gives a healing inside me. So soulful. The whole song is just a masterpiece. I can literally play it in repeat and never get tired of it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got goosebumps every time i play this song.The meaning of this lyrics pierce into my heart.
    I love listening this all over again ang again

  3. Anonymous says:

    I am not an Army, but this song is special. I just accidentally found it yesterday through Instagram. It hit me differently. I found myself contemplating, being sad, but eventually finding solace in the latter part. Also, Jin’s voice is heartbreaking, yet healing at the same time. Thank you for this beautiful masterpiece!

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