Beyoncé’s “Cuff It” Lyrics Meaning

It has been ascertained that by some analyses that “Cuff It” is a sex song, even though only one passage really – that being the third verse – is overtly erotic. However, what does become apparent by the time all is said and done is that the vocalist is addressing a romantic interest. 

And what she is looking forward to more holistically is the two of them enjoying a night of romance, albeit of the raunchy variety. A night’s romance complete with booze, some wildin’ out and, as alluded to earlier, thumping sex.

Yes, to some degree this does read like one-night stand type of thing. This is because the Queen B puts forth that she “feel(s) like falling in love” on this particular night. Honestly this doesn’t particularly sound like the type of thing you would say in reference to someone you’re already in an established romance with. 

But another way that statement can be interpreted is as the narrator wanting to re-fall in love with her significant other, with them enjoying let’s say an evening of carefree revelry reminiscent of the earlier days in their relationship.

“Cuff it”

So in terms of Beyoncé instructing this individual to “cuff it”, that is a pretty-ambiguous metaphor. However, it is one which, all lyrics considered, can definitely be interpreted in a sexual context. But whether she is referring to getting kinky with handcuffs or whatever is left up to the listener’s imagination. This is because in the aforementioned third verse (where that phrase is mentioned) as raunchy as the passage may be, it isn’t overly specific.

Lyrics to Beyonce's "Cuff It"

Facts about “Cuff It”

There’s a couple of old school dance classics sampled into this track:

  • Chic’s “Good Times” (1979)
  • Teena Marie’s “Square Biz” (1981) 

The former was co-written by industry mainstay Nile Rodgers. Late 20th century songstress Teena Marie (1956-2010) penned the latter with Allen McGrier.  As such Rodgers, Marie and McGrier are also acknowledged as authors of “Cuff It”.

Then, the other writers of this song are likewise its co-producers:

  • Beyoncé
  • Rissi Ristorp
  • Nova Wav (Brittany Coney and Blu June)

The Dream and another singer who traces his heyday back to the late 20th century, Raphael Saadiq, also receive co-writing and co-production credits on “Cuff It”.

Columbia Records originally made “Cuff It” public on 29 July 2022 as part of Beyoncé’s “Renaissance”. 

A couple of months thereafter, they proceeded to issue it as the LP’s second single after this particular track caught on amongst social-media circles. 

“Cuff It” ended up topping the UK Official Trending Chart. The tune also gave Beyonce a top-10 hit in the United Kingdom.

FYI, other well known songs found on “Renaissance” include:

Cuff It

17 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    This song is about nothing but drugs

    • Anonymous says:

      100% correct. Don’t know how you can see it any other way. It’s vulgar TBH. Drugs, prescription drugs, seeing stars, seeing spaceships, seeing God. Getting high. Sex….. nothing less

  2. Anonymous says:

    GARBAGE FROM BEYONCE. NOT SURPRISED!! At her OLD age promoting sex and drugs is what she has turned into. Don’t forget B you are a mom now.

    • Anonymous says:

      EXACTLY you are no young Meg the Stallion or Cardi B

      • WKK says:

        Ms.B. I’m certain that you have a reason for all of these expletives. I’ve always admired you for not taking this road, keeping your lyrics somewhat clean, double, hidden message acknowledged, in order to sell the unit. I definitely understand…I’m hoping in the future you return to your wholesome music…You are a QUEEN without a doubt.!!!DO NOT STOOP TO the level of recent female rappers please. Just my opinion

  3. MDW says:

    Wow! Pretty harsh comments. Hell I’m over 50 and haven’t f’d up the night in a while. Hmmmm. I need a Prescription… Black Lights… I’m getting f–ked up tonight!! Lol Thanks Bey

  4. Claire says:

    This song reeks of sex and drugs.

  5. Mikey says:

    Anonymous 1 and 2 sound like 2 incels. Lighten up and cuff it tonight.

  6. BootyCall says:

    It’s clearly about two middle aged people using vi-gra and booze to have sex. C’mon now.

  7. KMC says:

    I dont understand why ppl hating on this song. Lowkey im 15 and I love this song and so what ur old u can still have Seggs.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Leave it to the younger generation Meg the Stallion Cardi B…

  9. Anonymous says:

    The song is too vulgar, it’s all about sex and drugs give me a break SMH 🤦‍♀️

  10. Grown and Cuffing says:

    It’s really about going out and having fun. Lots of people wait till the weekend to get fuk up and if you’re an adult and handles yours. Nothing wrong with it as long as you do no one no harm unless it’s the one your cuffing 😂

  11. Drinking says:

    She talks about drinking y’all

  12. The Melody says:

    I like the beats… the melody.. the message is for grown folks who’s into a one night stand with sex and drugs. Not for me cause I want to be in love forever with that one person not just for one night. But whatever rocks your boat…

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