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Meaning of “F.N” by Lil Tjay

The title of this track apparently stands for two very explicit words (which we can’t put here), and these unprintable phrases make their appearance during the choruses. The “F” stands for a swear word (which...


“Lying” by Prettymuch (ft. Lil Tjay)

This song is centered on Prettymuch “lying” to their ex-girlfriends. Put differently, when they are communicating with their exes, the sentiments they express to them are not genuine. For instance, Nick and Edwin may “congratulate”...

Pop Out

“Pop Out” by Polo G (Ft. Lil Tjay)

“Pop out” is a verb that basically means the same as appear suddenly. It is especially used within the context of street violence. And accordingly, the title of this Polo G and Lil Tjay song is...