“Slide” by French Montana Ft. Lil TJay & Blueface

The main subject of this song centers around the artists (specifically French Montana and Lil TJay) trying to kick it to a female. It is not explicitly clear what the word “slide” means as used throughout most of this track. But its most-common usage (as in during the chorus) is likely a reference to an intimate affair. As such, the first two verses of the song, which are dominated by TJay with the support Montana, basically has Jay trying to convince a shorty to allow him to enjoy intimacy with her, including touting his superiority over other dudes.

The bridge of the song belongs exclusively to French Montana. The flow is based on the Dr. Dre classic “Nuthin’ But a G Thang” and for the most part serves as a shoutout to his crew, the Coke Boys. During this section of the track, he uses the word “slide” based on its old-school colloquial definition, with it being synonymous to the verb ‘go’. In other words, he is telling “ni**a(s)” to slide, as in bounce or get out of his face.

Meanwhile Blueface’s verse is primarily dedicated to his violent street code, as he references guns at least five or six times. However, he does briefly allude to his wealth by mentioning “VVS”, a term associated with diamonds.

Overall this track covers all of the basic that have come to be associated with mainstream rap music. And these things range from women to violence to drugs and to a much lesser extent material wealth.

Is this the first time French Montana is working with Blueface and Lil TJay?

Yes. Before “Slide” Montana had never collaborated with neither Lil TJay nor Blueface.

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