“Lying” by Prettymuch (ft. Lil Tjay)

This song is centered on Prettymuch “lying” to their ex-girlfriends. Put differently, when they are communicating with their exes, the sentiments they express to them are not genuine. For instance, Nick and Edwin may “congratulate” her for having what appears to be a happy vacation with her new boyfriend. Or Brandon may present himself as if everything is gravy. But again, these are falsehoods. In contrast, the reality is that they miss their exes very much. And the idea of her “lying under someone new”, as in sleeping with a different man, is killing them. So I guess you can say, at its foundation, that this is actually a love song. Though the love being expressed is for an ex-girlfriend who has already moved on with her romantic life.

Lil Tjay steps in

Meanwhile Lil Tjay starts off his verse from a like-minded perspective, recalling how his thoughtlessness and “mistreating (his) main” girlfriend ruined their relationship. However, by the time the verse concludes, he seems ready to put the past behind him and instead “focus on new cheddar”, as in making money, as opposed to a female. Moreover he kinda flips the script by stating that his ex is ‘crying’ to get him back instead of vice versa.

But overall Lil Tjay’s stance is an anomaly in this song. Rather the rest of the homeys are going through the motions due to still having strong feelings for a former lover yet being totally unable to tell her so.

Lyrics of "Lying"

Release Date of “Lying”

Prettymuch band member Zion Kuwonu first teased this track on 8 June 2019 via Twitter. And Prettymuch debuted the song during the first date of their FOMO Tour. That event took place at The Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory in the city of Dallas, Texas, on 11 June 2019.

And “Lying” was eventually released as a standalone single on 19 July 2019.

Is the first time the members of Prettymuch are working with Lil Tjay?

Yes. This is the first collaboration between Prettymuch and Lil Tjay.

Did Prettymuch write “Lying”?

Only two members of the band contributed writing to “Lying”. And these members are Edwin Honoret and Brandon Arreaga. The duo wrote this song along with Lil Tjay, Sean Douglas, JHart and Oak.

 “Lying” was produced by The Orphanage and one of the track’s writers, Oak.

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